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Mar 29, 2009 08:07 PM

Richmond find: Tacos al vapor, al pastor on a spit, great cabeza

Driving by Cazadores Market a few weeks ago, I noticed a sign about a new carnerceria. I never got around to checking it out until today when outside the market was a taco stand advertising 'tacos al vapor', birria, barbacoa and pozole. A cloud of steam surrounded the stand.

The birria was beef rather than goat, but glancing over in one corner was the most beutiful al pastor on a spit ... an onion on the bottom and a chunk of pineapple on the top. On the griddle was equally beautiful juicy beef.

"What is that?"

He hesitated ... "head"

"Cabeza?", I asked

"Si". And he pulled back the towels covering the most amazing looking beef cheeks.

The towels are used to steam the tacos. The towels cover the meat and keep it from drying out. Nothing is cut until ordered. No steam trays.

I ordered one of each. When the tacos were warmed, he took out a cleaver and chopped up the beef cheeks. Cilantro and onions are added if you like. There is also a hot sauce, but this meat looked so fine, I wanted to try it au natural the first time. It was so good.

The al pastor was wonderful as well, with nice pineapple bits.

Pay inside the market. Given the skill, I was shocked they were only $1.25 each.

The market has cleaned up as well. I didn't have time to walk around. but I'll probably be stopping by regularily for those tacos on the weekend.

The tacos are only served on weekends. I asked a number of ties about the hours in English, Spanish and displaying fingers .. .Saturday & Sunday 8am - 5pm. That 8am still seems early to me.

Cazadores Market
1076 13th St, Richmond, CA

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  1. I know I'm 8 months late, but holy crap this place is awesome and cheap. Went this morning and got the chicharonnes plate...comes with beans and rice, but you can sub nopales salad for the rice. Luckily I went with a spanish-speaking friend who helped me understand that they were serving chicharrones in two different styles...seco (the portion with the skin and the fat layer and some meat beneath that) and regular (all meat). Anybody else heard of this? Google is turning up zilch on "chicharonnes seco", but it looks like "seco" translates as "dry". Maybe just a way of specifying that it's the type with crispy skin?

    ETA: the plate was $5, and we got some nopales salad, house chips (fried in lard!), and carnitas to go. excellent.

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      Thanks for the update. I haven't been there in a while. I know there are some meatier versions of chicharrones, but not a lot more than that.

      1. re: beerandpork

        Chicharrones is skin. It can be just skin, or with some fat attached, or with both fat and meat attached. Mexican meat markets often have a choice of two or three kinds.

        All meat would not be chicharrones.