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Michael's Genuine is slipping. Agree?

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We were visiting Miami last year this time and had dinner at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink based on the great press here on Chowhound. We were not disappointed — absolutely loved the place. Here now and dined there last night and tonight. Last night was good, but not as good as it was last year. But still a cut above the typical Miami fare. Tonight, we were kind of stumped as to where to go and ended up going again by default. Honestly, it was a real disappointment. First of all, the service was terrible. The panzanella salad was awesome, but the pasta I ordered was almost inedible (meat sauce and escarole mixed together — just didn't work) and I wanted some cheese and had to ask for it three times. The place just seems to have lost its magic. The menu seems unfocused and all over the place. The service last year was so earnest and caring. This year, it seems kind of loose and average. Not like the staff is loving what they do and cares about your experience. The ice creams and sorbets last night was truly lackluster. Last year, I ordered a dish with a baked onion, ground lamb and raisins. This year, it wasn't even tasty. Onion was undercooked, filling was kind of tasteless.

Michaels, I loved you and told all my NY friends to visit. This year, I have to reconsider. Hey, any other ideas out there for exciting dining in MIami. We have one more day!

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  1. Michy's. I think Michelle Bernstein is still going very strong. If you want to splurge, try Azul in the Mandarin Oriental. I am a transplanted NYer and have real issues with the dining options in South Florida - those are really the two I find most enjoyable in the Miami area.

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      I'm sorry that I have to agree with you on this one. I stopped off in Miami for 36hrs before heading off on a cruise and Michael's was the one place I *had* to go to based on posts from here. It saddens me to report that my experience there was nothing more than average (at best). The beef cheek I had was dry and underseasoned, the sweetbread dish was cold, the pizza only had topping on just over half the base (yes, one part of the pizza really was just the base). Fortunately, the desserts lifted the experience a little but the damage was already done by then.

      I was so disappointed that I ended up going to Hiro's Yakko-San for a late night snack that was worth the hour's drive.

      I like to think that it was just an off night when I visited, but I too will reconsider hard before going again.

    2. MGF&D has a few veteran waiters who are complete pros. However, they're not enough to service the whole restaurant, and much of the remainder of the waitstaff seems to come and go - not surprisingly, service can be inconsistent as a result. It's a problem throughout Miami for anyplace that has a staff of more than a few people but I can see how it can be a downer at MGF&D because the contrast between the veterans and the tyros is often pretty pronounced.

      As for the food, I don't find the menu unfocused at all. There are several "stalwarts" and the rest of the menu changes with the seasons as different products become available or as the kitchen starts working with new things, and to me this is one of the most rewarding things about going there. My last visit (about a week ago) I had a kingfish served in a big cast iron pan with a harissa-spiced sauce that was fantastic. It's a fish you almost never see served and it was revelatory - big, firm and steak-y, almost like a swordfish, but still completely tender and moist.

      It does seem based on comments here and elsewhere that kitchen execution has some consistency issues - though for the most part I've never experienced it and am there fairly frequently.

      Other dining ideas? Jeez, much as I like MGF&D, there's a great big world out there beyond it. Here's a partial list on this thread ->


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        We had a great meal at Michaels last week. Only our second time there, last time was a year ago also on vacation. It was very crowded, we sat in the room separate from the main room, and they could really stand to lose a table or two in there as the seats were all pushed back against the seats at the adjoining tables. Our waiter (Scott) was excellent, but I do remember from our first visit not being impressed with the service. He paced our meal really well and the food was great. We had the double yolk egg, potato skins with bacon aioli, octopus with gigante beans (this was the best octopus I've had in a long time), the burrata salad w/ heirloom tomatoes, also really delicious, the beef cheeks, pork belly with kimchi (the pork belly is just too fatty for me to enjoy but the meaty parts and kimchi were delicious, fettucine w/ shrimp and leeks (very heavy), and the 1/2 roasted chicken with escarole and mashed potatoes which was just average, but the kids needed a little mashed potato love. Desserts were deiicious, lemon meringue pie, banana caramel chocolate panini (HUGE!) and the chocolate cremosa which I didn't try.
        This trip we ate at Azul which we loved last year and only had an average meal this time, Pacific Time which was good and Sra Martinez which we very much enjoyed and I reported on in a different thread. So, I haven't been to Michaels enough to say if it's slipping, but we had a really great meai with very good service and it's at the top of our list to return to next year!

      2. I've only been to Michael's a handful of times and have suffered from inconsistency from our first meal which was fair (not great, not horrible, but then we all got ill). I've also had some great dishes there, usually the ones I expected to surprise me the least. Service will be an issue in Miami in most restaurants, especially one so popular, even though most DD restaurants have above average service.

        In defense of Michaels' and the poor meals I have had there - Dessert is always good. Few high caliber restaurants in Miami offer delicious and not over-tweaked desserts.

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          I also ate at Michael's recently and found it to be just as good as the first two times that I visited. That said, I do believe they have service issues. I wrote that in my personal review of the place some months ago and I still believe that to be the case. However, the food is the thing and it remains a top foodied destination here in South Florida.

          I'm always tough on New Yorkers who believe everything is better up north and if that's the case, why even bother to come down this way? I do believe that NY has phenomenal restaurants and way more of them than South Florida has due to the sheer volume of diners up that way. That said, Michael's was outstanding when they first openened, and my recent meals there seal my confidence in the establishment.

          But there are service issues there. I think the layout of the place plays into some of those issues. And hopefully the folks that run the place will see these service issues and correct them. They know how to cook. They just have to get the goods to the table in better fashion!

          Like the sign in my friend's shop says, "NY, 1250 miles north and we don't care how they do it there"


          1. re: LargeLife

            The fact of the matter is food in NYC is superior to Miami in every type of cuisine except central and south american where we rule :).

        2. Have had no problems at Michaels in my many visits. The only complaints I have with their dishes, are on occassion when you turn over your menu that often, things may not work at times. That being said, I was there last week and the duck and shortrib were as delicious as ever.

          1. We ate at Michael's for the first time our last trip to Sobe last month. The food was excellent. The service was ok but the waiter seemed to spend a lot more time at the table next to ours, explaining different things on the menu which he did not do with us. Not a big deal. The only thing that really pissed me off was having a reservation and then having to wait 35 minutes for our table when we were told no less than three times that our table was "just about ready." Will we go back? Absolutely.

            1. Couldnt disagree more with this post. While I will admit I may be biased because I go to MGFD quite frequently, I think he has really pumped out some kickass dishes lately. Yes, there will always be the go-to staples like the double yolk egg, octopus, duck confit, and beef cheek (which I always find to be great but always makes me long for the days of the grouper cheek) just to name a few of my favorites. Within the past month or so, Ive really enjoyed the scallop carpaccio, the pan seared local kingfish with farro, chorizo, grilled lemon, cilantro, and a saffron aioli (one of the best dishes Ive ever had in Miami), and the kingfish dish that Frod described here. The cheese of the week is another great feature that I often have as a dessert because Im not a real dessert person. Ive been with a few dates there though and all the desserts have been phenomenal. A guy at the table next to us this past weekend said he has dined out every day for the past 7 years and the saffron pot de creme was amongst the best desserts he has ever had. To me, it really says something when a restaurant can keep its menu in flux as much as MGFD does and still make a killer dish. It never gets boring and while all may not blow me away, Ive yet to find a total failure. I also like the chef using locally sourced ingredients that support the local economy while providing fresh tastes.

              As for the service... I sit at the bar 99% of the time whether solo or with 1-2 others. Both Ryan and Irene are great bartenders, incredibly friendly, and do a great job at making customers feel welcome while providing suggestions on the menu whether it be food or drink. In the past 3 months, Ive sat at a table twice and had Scott (mentioned above) as my server both times. Extremely nice guy, attentive without being annoying, knowledgeable when it comes to the food and wine, and he does a kickass job of spacing out the meal if/when asked. As for the rest of the servers, I cant really comment though there are a few faces that Ive seen there for quite some time. Unfortunately, in Miami we are supposed to expect service to blow and just deal with it. The snotty SoBe attitude born from the auto-gratuity has poisoned this city. So, its kind of impossible to avoid and many restaurants suffer from being a product of their own environment.

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              1. re: Blind Mind

                Back home and thinking about our dinners again after reading these comments. I'm the one who started this, so want to deliver my thoughts a few days removed. I think my dinner there last year was so sensational, that it would have been hard for Michael's to live up to my memories. And the first night came close. We sat ourside and just about everything except we ordered was good. Great waitress, all was well. When we returned the next night without a reservation, we were seated in that first room on the left which isn't so great (as walk-ins, I can't complain) and a few of the dishes were just so so. But many were great. I'd certainly return. It's certainly a cool location and an innovative restaurant. And the person who said I shouldn't compare it to NY, I didn't!!!I loved it for the unique and exciting place it is. Dining here again actually figured into our coming back this year. So maybe it was just too perfect the first time. Surely, we'll be back.

                1. re: niia

                  For what it's worth, we were seated in that same room and it was the only downside of the evening...very crowded and uncomfortable. I was disappointed since I made the reservation about a month in advance, but I didn't specify anything because I wasn't really aware of that room. Oh well...the food was great and I'd go back in a minute...if only I wasn't back in Connecticut!

                  1. re: sibeats

                    There's no elegant solution to the second room issue. The place is full almost every night, not everyone wants to sit outside, and there's no way to squeeze any more tables into the main dining room (the main dining room is also pretty crowded). They could probably do a better job with the decoration and lighting, but it's always going to feel a bit like Siberia. The other spaces in that plaza are all rented (but they're all going to feel like Siberia anyway), and I always get irrationally scared that a restaurant will lose its mojo if it moves locations (it happened to Ola when they left Biscayne Blvd.!)


                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      I hear you. It wasn't the Siberia aspect that bothered me, just the fact that the room was so tightly packed you literally could not move your chair an inch if there was a table behind you. I give the waitstaff high marks for moving around the space with hot plates and not dropping anything! There were a ton of open tables outside, and I asked to sit outside when we arrived, but the hostess said they weren't available. Like I said before, my fault for not requesting it when I made the reservation!

              2. As to the original posting about the restaurant "slipping" I don't see that happening. I have been frequenting the restaurant for the two years it has been open, and have never really had any issues with service. There has been a bit of turnover with the staff, but I am sure it is due to Chef's high standards. As Frod stated they do have a solid core of waiters that have been there for years who are very professional, and knoledgeable about the food and wine. The reservation team is very good about accomodating requests to sit with these servers......If you have a good experience with one you should request a business card from them....I'm sure they would be delighted to take care of you in the future...

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                1. re: MGTico

                  Hate to say it as it is my favorite restaurant in Miami, but I was disappointed in my meal at Michaels last night.

                  Starters – Potato Chips were fine and addictive – as any potato chip should be.

                  Hominy – Always one of my favorites but last night tasted burnt. Crispy in a burnt way. And the hominy was way too salty. It was edible but a rough-go.

                  Double Yolk Egg – Again, always one of my favorites but last night the egg wasn’t just overcooked - It was hard-boiled. So the whole point of the dish was defeated. It was a bowl of hard-boiled egg yolk. Which I’ll eat but…

                  Halibut Cheek – Used to love the Michaels’ Grouper Cheek so I wanted to give this a try. To be fair, others in my party really liked it but I felt the fried coating on mine was too dense, too tough and WAY TOO SALTY. It reminded me of conch fritters I used to have at Sundays on the Bay, one of the worst restaurants in the history of Miami, by the way. The fish inside was nice but, man, I had to scrape that coating off to enjoy it.

                  One of my friends ordered the Short Ribs – they were really good – as any short rib dish should be.

                  I ordered the Fudge Farm Pork Pork Chop. Excellent. Really enjoyed it. Meat was cooked perfectly and the subtle brine worked very well. Actually, the brined aspect of this dish reminded of a recent pork chop dish I had in the West Village NYC at a restaurant run by Anne Burrell, who used to be Mario Batali’s sous chef at Babbo, I believe, and, later, his assistant on Iron Chef. That was the first time I had a brined pork chop and this one at Michaels was just as good, if not better. Ironically, while the brine adds an intentional saltiness, this was the least offensively salty dish I had all night.

                  Another friend ordered the Sausage-Stuffed Squid. I took one bite and said “Now this is what I come to Michaels for”. The flavors were complex. There was a really nice smokiness. And everything worked well together. My friend, who ordered it - a very devout Michaels fan, by the way – admitted, however, that after 3 or 4 bites it was way too salty. I guess one bite was enough.

                  I guess the one thing we may all agree on is that Michaels is prone to inconsistency much like most other restaurants whereas it used to be a stalwart of consistency.

                  1. re: nikklos

                    I said from the very beginning it is inconsistent but always at least good.

                    1. re: nikklos

                      Went last night - totally different experience. Just had snacks. Squid was delicious (stuffed with chorizo studded black squid ink rice). Dish came with two squid and although I don't agree it was salty, the dish, accompanied by saffron aioli, is a bit rich for one person. Splitting as we did was a good idea. The housemade pork and fennel sausage with polenta and braised radicchio was excellent and hopefully will be a stalwart on the menu (maybe not in the summer, but it'll hopefully be on the rotation).

                      While I admit that all restaurants have some level of inconsistency, I'd say the band of inconsistency at Michael's has been narrower than most and enough so that I wouldn't brand it as inconsistent.

                      1. re: lax2mia

                        I was one of the friends that dined with Nikklos last night. My double yolk egg was overcooked but not as bad as his, meaning the yolk wasnt completely solid. I thought the halibut cheek was delicious though. The chef really works the taste of lemon with fish well, this time in an aioli. Loved it, though really made me long for the days of the grouper cheek. The squid was phenomenal, however, it was overly salty and Im usually not one to complain about saltiness. I made it thru the first squid without any problem, so perhaps the other one got loaded with salt? I disagreed with Nikklos about the hominy being "burnt" as I thought it was cooked right but it definitely was over seasoned, to the point where we simply didnt finish it and that is extremely rare for me, especially when we're talking about snack food. The chips/dip was great as usual just like it should be. We housed 2 portions.

                        1. re: Blind Mind

                          If the entire raison d'être of a dish is eggy gooeyness how can it be allowed to leave the kitchen with the yolk in solid form? I mean, it's an egg - go do it again. This topic is about "slippage" - these double yolks are exhibit A.

                          1. re: nikklos

                            I also have seen the egg dish overcooked on more than one occasion. It's a small art to get an egg cooked right when you're staring right at it in the pan - I think it's got to be exponentially more difficult when it's tucked away in wood-burning oven which is at ???? temperature.

                            Stated another way, I think the egg dish might be a deceptively high-degree-of-difficulty item. I hate to say it, because the guy should be allowed to take a night off every so often, but I think there may be a difference when M.S. is manning the wood-burning oven and not.

                            As for oversalting, that's another issue entirely but not one I've personally experienced.


                            1. re: Frodnesor

                              A tip with wood burning ovens in general is avoid ordering those dishes when the place is jammed -- unfortunately for michaels that is all the time -- because when you combine multiple items cooked simultaneously with the high heat, you can get variations. That's why when I go to sardinia I avoid wood burning stuff if the place is packed but go all out when it is quiet (I tend to go early...).

                              I bring this up because it could account for the inconsistency in Michaels -- I never really ponderd this until just now...

                              1. re: tpigeon

                                This makes sense to me! Never thought much about it before. Kind of like when i tell people not to hit a BBQ restaurant at 3:30 or 9:30 at night....you won't get the best they have to offer at those times either.....


                            2. re: nikklos

                              Nikklos - I went there again last night. Crispy Pig Head. Nuff said.

                              I also talked w/ the bartender (same from when we were there) who said we should have sent the eggs back. I guess we should have but Ive never been one to do that anywhere. He restated that its the only way to make sure the problem is fixed and I appreciated that. The theory on wood oven temp is a solid one. I also think I need to try the squid again to see if the chorizo is where I was getting "salty" from. Could have been that I pretty much housed that dish myself and its got a decent amount of chorizo which I may have just OD'd on. If that is the case, then the egg was the only minus and one that I would not categorize the entire restaurant as "slipping" for. Especially with some of the more innovative and different dishes theyve been pumping out lately. Thats just me though. To each his/her own.

                              1. re: Blind Mind

                                Crispy Pig Head - that's all you had to say. Now that's what I go to Michael's for. Maybe my post came off as a little too harsh. I still love the place but, you know, just pointing out some things.

                                1. re: nikklos

                                  Had that stuffed squid again. Its not overly salty, its just me. I really like the dish but it should be shared by someone like me. Grilled sweetbreads theyve got right now are turbo tasty.

                    2. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. I was just there last Saturday and had a pretty stellar meal, besides the chocolate-coconut tart, which I found to be extremely dense and cloyingly rich. The doughnuts I had on a prior visit were much better option.

                      We started with the Crispy Hominy and the Tuna Tartar. Both were good - nothing mind blowing - but well executed and quite tasty.

                      For entrees, we ordered the Crispy Beef Cheeks and Grilled Short Ribs with Romesco Sauce. The beef cheeks were amazing; perfectly crisp and served over creamy parsnips along with a zesty mustard sauce that really helped cut the richness of the dish. The short ribs were delicious as well, but they were definitely better on my prior visit – not as charred and less crispy on this visit. However, flavors were spot on and the lemon on the side was a nice touch that really helps cut through the fat and richness of the dish.

                      We steered clear of the onion. I have to agree with niia that the dish is pretty bland and the onion is a little undercooked, which really upsets me because the dish has such potential. I think it would benefit by adding the apricots, mint and some of the spices at the end instead of stewing them all together until the flavors are muddled and lost.

                      All in all I had a great meal, even though there were a few missteps. I have to say I really respect and appreciate what Michael Schwartz is doing here. For my taste, Michael’s Genuine is one of the few solid dining experiences I’ve had down here. I’ll agree that at times it’s a little inconsistent, but all in all I’ve had a positive experience to 2 times that I’ve dined.

                      1. From my first and only visit this past Sat. night I would have to say somethings didn't come out right and there was no excuse.

                        We sat at a table directly in front of the kitchen. No problem with that, I like facing the kitchen but it was crowded and a very tight fit between tables.

                        On to the food. I ordered the ceviche as an app to share with my wife. It didn't come! When the entrees came I mentioned that we didn't get the ceviche and they said they could bring it. I wasn't really interested in eating it as dessert and passed. My wife really wanted to taste it so they brought it. They did comp the ceviche. I had the pork belly and kimchi which was fine dish. Both were made well. The kimchi was very nice. My wife's grouper had a very raw part that was not edible and the accompanying fire roasted Brussels sprouts we okay but a couple I had were hard as rocks and were essentially raw. No excuse for these mistakes for a restaurant that is ranked this high or for any restaurant for that matter. If I'm in Miami again I might try them again but not on a Sat. night.

                        1. Took my time replying to this thread because I wanted to give myself the opportunity to investigate a little further. If anything, my recent visit only served to reinvigorate my affection for this place. My parents claimed it was the best meal they have ever had at MGFD. I agree that it was way up there ...

                          Dishes ordered included: Chorizo stuffed Squid w/ some type of lemony aioli; Soy glazed Yellowjack collar w/ roasted lemon; a Grilled/skewered Sweetbreads w/ a farro risotto; Fried Rabbit; Shortribs; Fudge Farms Pork Chop w/ apple compote and whipped parsnip; grilled spring onions, sprouts, grits, mashed potatoes.

                          i tried everything at the table (everything really good) but personally ordered the Yellowjack Collar and the Pork Chop. The collar was an off-the-menu special, soy glazed I believe, with the exterior charred and crispy, the interior flesh super moist and tender. It was served with a charred lemon which balanced the flavors of the fish perfectly. Very nice price for this fairly large collar. The Fudge Farms Pork Chop was THE BEST PORK CHOP EVER. Very juicy, very flavorful. The flesh was darker than your average pork chop. Seriously, the type of thing where you take that bite and then put your silverware down and just smile and rub your belly while you finish chewing slowly. I tasted the compote just to taste it, but this chop was best eaten by itself and savored. I find this no coincidence (best chop ever) being that the last Fudge Farms pork dish that I enjoyed at MGFD was likewise in the best ever range.

                          If this is slipping then I don't want to get up.

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                          1. re: dmo305

                            There is nothing like that Fudge Farms pork. He did a dish w/ pork shoulder from them a few months ago that I still pine for.

                            1. re: Frodnesor

                              The one that was braised, sliced, and thrown on the grill w/ some homemade bbq sauce... yup that was the one

                          2. I've only been a handful of times, but I'd have to say that I've seen a decline on the last two visits. The decline I've seen is in the food, not the service. Since I generally order something different every time, I can't talk about the decline in a single dish. However, I've noticed that the last few dishes I've ordered don't have the balance in flavors that I enjoyed my first few times (with the exception of the chips/dip and bone marrow).

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                            1. re: madtheswine

                              Brunch on Sunday was great. Chicken liver was smooth and rich. Pig ears were excellent, a perfect mix of crispy and juicy with a nice spicy seasoning to round it off. Kimchi benedict with pork belly managed a perfect balance between decadence and fresh bright flavors. Bacon wrapped peaches, how could that be bad? It wasn't, far from it. We ended with the mango coffee cake. I liked it, but it wouldn't have been ruined by a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. All in all, it was a superb meal start to finish.

                              1. re: CFishman

                                Cfishman....You have me hooked on "Counter Culture" Espresso Toscano, Thanks. I have had trouble with my YborCity source, had a $200.00 repair on my machine's poreclain grinders. A piece of metal was in the beans, stripped the grinders.

                                1. re: ospreycove

                                  They sell Counter Culture beans at Fresh Market. Just bought two bags last week.

                                  Fresh Market
                                  2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

                                    1. re: ospreycove

                                      They roast some fantastic coffees. Up until I saw them, I was having Paradise Roasters mail them to me. Shipping is free over $25, so if you get most combinations of 2 bags at once that is taken care of. They make AMAZING coffee there too, maybe even better than Counter Culture.

                                      1. re: mikek


                                        You might also try Intelligentsia's Black Cat Espresso. It's also very good. I have been buying bags of Intelligentsia and Counter Culture and I can't decide which one I prefer. I wonder how long you are going to be happy with that superautomatic. It seems to me that you are going down a dangerous road, my friend.

                                        1. re: CFishman

                                          CF, If I have trouble again it is back to the hand tamping and straight 18 bar, no bells and whistles!!!!!

                                          1. re: ospreycove

                                            There is a zen-like quality to the ritual of making espresso. There is also some satisfaction in mastering the learning curve. I am glad we are hijacking this stupid thread. Michael's is doing just fine.

                                            1. re: CFishman

                                              CF Never been to Michael's but now I am looking forward to going!!!!

                            2. We (party of 12) went to Michael's Genuine for the first time over the weekend to celebrate my birthday. It was a complete nightmare. I've never seen such arrogant, incompetent staff. This was a pretty huge letdown, considering all of the great reviews on this board.

                              At one point, we started taking notes on the ridiculous things they did on the back of my birthday card. We ran out of room.

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                              1. re: Mat Josher

                                Sad to say, but I think Michael's has slipped. It is still a very good restaurant - I guess it would be hard to maintain such a high level night after night, considering the accolades and crowds of diners clamoring for a table. Who knows, maybe it is my own familiarity with the dishes that has bred my contempt.

                                Went Friday night, and man, they just cannot get that Double Yolk egg consistently right. It is about 60-40 that you will be served a hard-boiled yolk. It makes the toast they serve on top virtually pointless. When they get it right, man, it is heavenly but you take a gamble ordering it - especially when you are trying to impress someone with how great it is.

                                The Rack of Lamb was cold and not tasty. The Pork Chop, while decent, seemed overly sauced. And it is a real chore to eat those greens they serve it with.

                                Still enjoy the Rice Cake immensely though.

                              2. I think at the point when a thread about "slipping" has been roaming the chowhound boards for a year and a half, we might just consider that Michael's started with a boom and is now a powerful, albeit clangy engine that pops and wheezes but keeps going along admirably well.

                                In all honesty, my first experience there was a bad one. I have had more than one below-expectations meal there. Unfortunately, there just seems to be something about the cuisine, kitchen, staff or combination that prevents the food from being as consistent as it is good. But it can be good. As far as staff goes, the space is large and loud and usually has a strong, controlled commotion feeling to it. I am guessing waitstaff can get away with a bit more before being noticed than in some other upper-echelon restaurants. Maybe they need a stronger front-of-house, I don't know. I have always disagreed with its pedestal placement, but it is (can be) a great, solid, entertaining restaurant experience.

                                1. Brunch at Michael's Genuine

                                  duck confit hash – creamy parsley sauce, poached duck egg
                                  a lovely breakfast dish the duck egg rocked

                                  kimchi benedict – toasted crumpet, poached egg, crispy pork belly, kimchi, kimchi hollandaise
                                  pork belly was gristle, was that really kimchi?

                                  roasted octopus olives, butter beans
                                  nice smokey octopus, the beanie salad around it was great

                                  burrata local heirloom tomato, paradise farms basil, extra virgin olive oil, fleur de se
                                  mozzarella not burrata

                                  housemade country paté cornichon, fig mostarda, dijon, grilled sourdough
                                  not very tasty