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Mar 29, 2009 07:36 PM

Lunch Near Court & Main (Downtown Cincinnati)

I opened the mail last week to find that I'd won the lottery... no, not that lottery. The dreaded Jury Duty lottery. (I can't figure this out, as I did jury duty only about 3 years ago, and thought I'd be safe for a while.)


To ease the pain, I thought I'd take in a few downtown lunches. I don't get downtown nearly as often as I'd like...

Are there any great restaurants near the courthouse? As I recall lunch breaks aren't very long, so I'd like some recommendations within quick walking distance. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  1. My favorite restaurant in all of downtown is on Court Street: Tan Thai
    it's 2.5 blocks west of the Courthouse

    Tom's Pot Pies is on Vine roughly the same distance away, and i recommend the broccoli alfredo pie

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I'm with you on Tan Thai... I haven't been to the original location downtown, but there is a second Tan Thai on Springfield Pike in the Glendale/Springdale area that is excellent.

    2. Is it the Federal or Hamilton County courthouse? A lot more choices near the Federal. (The reimbursement is better at the federal level, too).

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        Hamilton County, unfortunately.

      2. Just a block south on Sycamore is a fairly good deli, Silverglades

        If you head straight west on Court, there are a number of single proprietor places I have not tried yet - A Soul Food joint, a Crepe place, a steamtable chinese joint, a gyro/falafel joint, a butcher shop that makes sandwiches and burgers, and of course Tan Thai.

        The cafeteria on the back side of Kroger building (also on Court) is supposed to be decent.

        Not Chowish, but just to be complete, you will also find a Subway, a Skyline Chili, and two hot dog carts along this route

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          The Butcher shop is Avril-Bleh & Sons. Its been in business for over a hundred years and still makes all their sausages in house. During the summer they put a grill out front and sell burgers and sausages in front of the store. Highly recommend a stop there. The Metts are outstanding.

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            Sounds good. Thanks for the info.

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            I believe the gyro/falafel joint is called Caspian Express. I had a lovely, huge, fresh gyro there awhile back that was very reasonably priced. Lots of other interesting items on the menu too.

            1. re: intuitive eggplant

              Caspain Express closed down. I think it is now called something like "Raya's Place". The owner has a connection to Jordan Valley on 4th.