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Mar 29, 2009 07:05 PM

Chocolate fix, chocolate cake?

I'm looking for a new chocolate fix. I have chocolate cravings that I'm having trouble conquering. I don't really want a chocolate bar. That I can fine easy enough. Maybe cake? I don't want a brownie.
Ideally a rich, moist, but not too dense cake with a deep dark shiny frosting might do the trick, but I'm also very open to a new idea. I've searched past postings and nothing really jumped out.
Any suggestions? Fairfax, Weho area prefered but can travel for the good stuff. Tanks Doilinks.

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  1. the flourless chocolate cake at Urth gets raves.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I walked down to Urth, seen the place dozens of times but never stepped in. I tried the flourless chocolate cake. It was truly AWFUL. I'm sure it was made with organic, sustainably, biodiamically grown stuff, but wow, what a terrible cake. The top had some nice big curls of chocolate and the top center was kind of gooey and ok, but as a whole it had the mouth feel of a kitchen sponge dregged in chalk dust and nearly no chocolate flavor.

      1. re: rednyellow

        oy, i hope you didn't go based on my one measly comment. if you did, i'm sorry! i said it *gets* raves, but i've never actually had it myself - i figured you'd do a little more research before trying it. but at least you can cross that one off the list ;)

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Dont be sorry, Thanks for the input. I walked over and gave it a try. no harm at all. It just happened to suck.

    2. I have to say, why not just make one? Not trying to be a smartass, just saying you'll get a better product than 99% of the places out there, and you'll probably have it sooner to boot.

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      1. re: a213b

        I will eat an entire cake in about half a day if I make one. If I go out for a cake or pastry, I'll have a slice maybe two, maybe even three, but it will also be something fun to do.

        1. re: rednyellow

          Well, you can always give half the cake away and make someone you don't eat it the whole thing. But, I see your point about getting out for a slice. I know P.F. Changs had a great (but large) slice of rich chocolate cake called the "chocolate wall" - moist, rich with lots of good chocolate frosting. I had the rest of it the next morning w/my coffee - wow. The chocolate frosting you are looking for seems more like a ganache? Make a day of it and check out all the bakeries listed on Chowhound - you will find something. Let us know!

      2. I agree w/a213b: either a store bought cake mix and frosting or a simple recipe for cake and frosting might be your best and quickest solution. Some of the recipes here on Chowhound are really great and I'm certain that they have recipes for both. All the recipes I've tried from Chowhound have been great. Let us know how you end up.

        1. for mini slices, you might consider viktor benes' - the chocolate parisian

          hungry cat's chocolate bread pudding

          susina's devil's food cake

          bistro garden (tho it's studio city) for their chocolate souffle

          another option would be to go to the Griddle

          get a chocolate cake at Amandine

          I'm sure I'll get flogged for this but Linda's Fabulous Fudge Cake at the Cheesecake Factory...just hold the whipped cream...

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          1. re: Emme

            I remember the chocolate souffle at Bistro Garden when I lived in the area, that was delish. I'll have to try some of your other suggestions.

          2. not really a fan of junior's in westwood but their cake slices are defintely chocolatey and ample.