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Mar 29, 2009 06:54 PM

good pre-concert meal with kids in Philly?

I'm going to a concert at Electric Factory this coming Saturday with my 9 and 11 year old nephews. I'd like to go to a restaurant that is kid friendly but doesn't take the low road culinarily to appeal to kids. Any suggestions?

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  1. How adventuous are the kids? Do they need traditional kids menu items?

    1. What about the Abbaye or Standard Tap?

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        i would not recommend taking a 9 yo and an 11 yo into bars....even 'gastro pubs'. i would try jones (less than a mile to the elctric factory), chinatown is definitely a good suggestion, tiffin if they eat indian food or sketch if you just want an awesome burgers, fries and a shake.

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          My kids love standard tap, we have taken them there many times. The key for a weekend evening is to get there early, before 6pm is best and sitting upstairs is more comfortable and much less noisy.

      2. If it were me I'd take them to Chinatown, either Sank Kee Peking Duck or Vietnam. Standard Tap is a gastro-pub and I am not sure its the right atmosphere for kids. Ditto Eulogy, its a Belgian beer/pub.

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          I have been to Standard Tap and seen families with children. Guess it depends on time of day. I think I remember them more around brunch on Sundays than happy hour on Fridays...

        2. I was thing Sazon, since it is close and if the OP is driving, the parking won't be an issue

          1. I might say Silk City (the "diner" side?) It's VERY close to EFC and has really good food, from burgers and sandwiches that the kids would like to more adult fare. I went there with a bunch of folks last Friday night before an EFC show and everyone totally loved it. The staff were really nice about coordinating our group as well, between some folks who arrived early and ate at the counter/bar, yet still gave us a booth later on without making everyone have to order food again.