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Mar 29, 2009 05:39 PM

Thomas Hill Organics Restaurant ?

I just read a blurb about this in the SLO newspaper, business buzz. Any comments? Is this where Wine Attic was?

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  1. Yes, it is the place where Wine Attic was. I have not been yet though.

    1. We ate there on a Saturday about three weeks ago and it was outstanding! It has catapulted to the top of our list in the area (sorry, Artisan). The food is tasty, organic, and - most importantly - reasonably priced. I'm a vegetarian with a bunch of food allergies and they took care of me without batting an eye - and my meat-eating other half was well-satisfied, too! They were having some technical problems in the kitchen, which made things a little slow-paced when we went, but we were looking for slow.

      Warning: the portions are BIG. Bring your appetite!

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        hooray !!!!!!!! Thank you. Do you remember what you ate?

        1. re: dockhl

          I had grilled cheese and tomato soup. They normally serve a salad with the sandwich, but subbed in a full-size bowl of the tomato soup they were serving that day at my request. The bread was from a bakery that's around the corner (I don't remember the name right now, but it's about three doors down from Artisan), the cheese was something gooey and tasty that I'd never heard of, and the tomato soup was obviously made from actual tomatoes - very fresh tasting.

          My other half had what I think was listed as beef goulash but was more of a beef stew. Again, the ingredients were very clearly fresh from what he said.

          We also got an olive plate as an appetizer that had olives that were GIGANTIC. Seriously. Like, the size of a smallish plum tomato. We had to eat them as if we were eating a small nectarine, because you couldn't easily pop it in your mouth and take off the meat. Seriously tasty, though!

          He got beer and I got wine. We asked the waitress what to pair with our meals. She looked at us like a deer in headlights, and not-so-subtly went to the manager for advice. The manager has good taste, though, so it was not a problem.

      2. Lunch there on Friday.......I had the beet salad with walnut (lightly spiced, good) and Humboldt Fog cheese. Drizzled balsamic reduction. Pretty good. SO had the chicken, bacon, apple and brie (?) sandwich. Warm, juicy...........EXCELLENT!

        Menu,etc., here:

        Thomas Hill Organics
        1305 Park St, Paso Robles, CA

        1. I'd missed this posting in the Spring, but discovered Thomas Hill Organics because the restaurant was filling the air with wonderful aromas. We had lunch there and both of us were very impressed. The dinner menu seemed limited and we'd already decided on another meal at Artisan, but wow, the lunch at Thomas Hill was outstanding.

          Here's a post about it at KirkK's blog:

          1. We went tasting in paso and had previously gone to THO for dinner so I wanted to take my sister here. She loved it. The place has the best food and ambiance. It is fantastic. It is tucked away so you have to look for it which means that most of the millions of tasters miss it. This is a good thing. The place is small, quaint and cute.
            Like the name says the food is organic. The caprese is amazing as is the grass fed hamburger.
            we ended up going back again with our husbands the next day. Amazing is enough said.