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Mar 29, 2009 04:54 PM

What to order?

I'm visiting NYC soon, and I want to go to Momofuku noodle bar and Perilla. Any recommendations on what to order or stay away from? (I'm not a very picky eater/ have any preferences... just want something tasty! :)
Thanks in advance!

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  1. momofuku noodle bar sorta sucks and is mostly steer you to ippudo instead for akiamaru ramen with extra pork belly and the pork hirata buns.

    at perilla, dieterle does quite an awesome duck dish with pomegranate seeds and some other stuff. the brussel sprouts are very tasty and a good side to get. i love perilla.

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      Are you interested in the best ramen in town or this restaurant in particular? If you are looking for ramen, most CHers would steer you away from Momofuku Noodle Bar. However, it has a bunch of other non-ramen dishes, not just noodles.

      Perilla: spicy duck meatballs are awesome. Brussels sprouts are very tasty, too, but soon out of season. When are you coming? Restaurants will be changing over to spring dishes soon.

    2. The pork buns at Momofuku are good. Don't bother with the noodles.

      1. Just to clarify, so that you don't get scared off of Momofuku because of the anti-Noodle Bar comments here: Momofuku Ssam Bar is pretty much universally adored. If you're going to hit up one of the 2.5 (Milk Bar counts as a half) "Bars" in the Momofuku archipelago, try the Ssam bar, and maybe get dessert at Milk Bar (down the hall) afterward.

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          Also, as for specific ordering advice, check out Bruni's review of Ssam Bar in the Times from a couple of months ago (the menu changes frequently, but it's still a pretty valuable guide):

        2. I actually don't mind Momofuku Noodle Bar, but I think I prefer Ippudo more. I thought the noodles at Momofuku tasted more like the noodles in Japan, but the broth at Ippudo was definitely closer aligned to Japan. And I had A LOT of ramen in Japan since I couldn't afford much else at the time! Sam1 is right...akimaru ramen w/ extra pork belly and the pork buns. That is my std order. Momofuku Ssam is awesome! I can't remember what we orderd, but everything we had was great!

          1. I don't really love the noodles at Noodle bar but I like other stuff there like the kimchi stew and chicken wings, here's pics of my last meal there, the menu's changed since then.