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Mar 29, 2009 04:42 PM

Where to find Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) in Mtl

Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves Okonomiyaki (iお好み焼き) n Montreal?

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  1. I've been searching since I arrived here in August and haven't found any!

    I can make a pretty good version but it's never quite the same.

    There is a new-ish Japanese restaurant in Verdun that seems to be authentically Japanese and once I establish myself as a regular I am going to ask if they would make it for me :)

    In the meantime, I'm going to NY over Easter and have sourced a restaurant that specialises in okonomiyaki and takoyaki so I will get my fix there!

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      The closest I have found so far is at the Korean joint on Sherbrooke near Claremont.. Yes, it is the Korean version, and not exactly the same, but as I stated, it is a close contender.

      1. re: fedelst1

        I don't know a lot about Japanese cuisine, so not sure how different they are, but if a Pa Jon (the Korean equivalent, not quite but similar as fedelst stated) is something that would satisfy the OP then I highly endorse the ones served at Maison Bulgogi.

      2. re: unlaced

        which sushi restaurant in verdun are you referring to? please share:)

        1. re: hala

          Aka-Fuji @ 3872 Wellington.
          They've just recently moved from a previous location in St Hubert
          Here is their website -

          1. re: unlaced

            I checked out the link of aka-fuji, but there's no okonomiyaki on their menu. Are you sure they serve some?

            1. re: griffintowner

              That's right, it's not on their menu. But as I said above, it is authenticaly Japanese, so I am hoping once I establish myself as a regular (and the weekly sushi take outs are hopefully helping my cause!) then I will ask them whether they could make it for me.

              I was in New York recently and got my fix of takoyaki and okonomiyaki at a little hole in the wall place in the East Village called Otafuku. It definitely hit the spot!

        1. re: sockhead

          Do they serve Takoyaki at Isakaya?

          1. re: Wursthof

            Not sure... you could probably ask for it though. They've got this japanese-only menu that's a bit different from the english one...

            1. re: Wursthof

              I don't think so. The ogonomiyaki is the main reason I still consider eating at Isakaya. It is a bit of an upscale version--not the street food style you are probably craving--but it still does the trick for me.

            2. re: sockhead

              I called there once and they said they don't serve it.

            3. i've been looking for Okonomiyaki for years ever since i watched the anime Ranma! unfortunately, it seems like no one makes them here in Montreal.
              However, i did find takoyaki at Yasu sushi in Brossard, but they arent even fresh, they made them from frozen ones bought at asian grocery store... how disappointing.

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              1. re: Vincy123

                Tokyo Sushi sells half-ball Takoyaki on St. Catherine. Not bad, small, but not bad.

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