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Mar 29, 2009 04:42 PM

CitiField Chow Preview

I went to the St. John's/Georgetown college baseball game at CitiField and I thought I would post some notes on the food. I just thought to do it, so I am just working from memory. As far as I could tell, all of the concessions were open, but the menus were limited. There is a premium food court on the field level where Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, a taco place and the frites place is located. Blue Smoke had pulled pork (around $7.50) but not st. louis ribs ($10). I only had the frites at this food court. They were ok, they were like good fries, but they were not frites. There were three kinds of aioli available, ballpark aioli, a blue cheese and a spicy pepper one.

On the next level, they have an area called Taste of New York. Mama's of Corona is located here. They have an expanded menu of additional sandwiches and a dessert menu. Also here is a deli, and things like gummy bears, other candy, etc.

Throughout the ballpark are hot dog and burger stands. At least today, only the burger stands sold fries. I passed a couple of bars with tv screens. I walked through the Caesar's club, which has seating areas and concession stands.

I have excelsior seats for the Saturday Boston game and I am hoping to dine at the club and I will post then.

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  1. "they were like good fries, but they were not frites"

    I do not understand that statement. Frites or pommes frites are what French fries are called in France. Please explain.

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    1. re: Pan

      If I am not mistaken, frites are double fried, and the ones I have had are thin. I didn't actually see these cooked, but they did not resemble the frites I have had at the belgium frites places. They were pretty good for french fries, but not for frites. They were $6.50 for small and $7.50 for large.

      1. re: Val55

        good french fries are double fried as well.

        1. re: Widmark

          Look, Citi Field sells "french fries" throughout the stadium and they also have a "frites" stand. I understood the difference. If you have a problem with the nomenclature, take it up with Jeff Wilpon.

            1. re: howster

              Can't speak for their food, but I believe the Wilpon's have been "double fried" by Bernie Madoff.

            2. re: Val55

              maybe it's "frites" when they serve them with mayonnaise.

              1. re: Widmark

                I want to be on line behind the person who goes to a Citi Field concession stand and says "Let me have a hot dog and pommes frites."

                There was a an article in last week's Times about the food at Citi Field and the Danny Meyer connection. It turns out that Meyer has been a Mets season ticket holder since the mid 80s and so he had the inside track on becoming a major concessionaire at the new ballpark.


                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  wanna know why he has Mets tickets? to see the Cardinals! that's great. lots more Citi Field food info here:

                2. re: Widmark

                  I think you are right, it is the mayo that makes them frites. I don't think they sell hot dogs at the frites stand, but bob martinez makes me wish they did.

                  1. re: Val55

                    Box Frites sells "Belgian French Fries" and various sauces.

                    1. re: Val55

                      ...and "freedom fries" are served with hubris!

                      1. re: Flaco

                        Funny, I'm going this weekend as well and want to give a report, but I can't imagine getting anything else besides a Mama's/Leo's sandwich.
                        What about beer? They had Sam Adams on tap in the mezz last year and cans of Brooklyn Lager in some beer stands. Can I get a decent brew?

                        1. re: abu applesauce

                          While they were temporary menus and offerings, at the St. John's game this past weekend the only non-Budweiser options that I noticed were the Brooklyn themed brews at each of the Danny Meyer stands (center field), and Corona at the nacho stands. I know Sixpoint should be there at some point as well.
                          For the past few years, I always had tickets near the Sam Adams stand in the Mezz. With this year's seats being in the Promenade, I'm hoping to find something close and worthwhile.

                          Re: food, Mama's was great as per usual - and had canolis as well as sandwiches.
                          The tacos weren't bad - but with Jackson Heights a few stops away, these won't be in the regular rotation.
                          Shake Shack tasted like Shake Shack.

                          I'm looking forward to hitting up Pasternack's fish shack this weekend, and finding the rest of the good beer.

                          1. re: EJC

                            Good luck. I'll be hunting as well.

                          2. re: abu applesauce

                            blue smoke has their own ale, and there's a stand called Big Apple Brews. not sure what's there...yet

                            1. re: sarapeater

                              becks, becks dark, rolling rock, kirin, bass, bud light with lime, chezhvar, american ale, and more...

                3. re: Val55

                  I went to the game this past Saturday. From what I can tell the Fries are double fried. Also Danny Meyer was actually on site tasting the fries to make sure they were up to par. I thought the fries were great.

              2. Were the lines at the Danny Meyer places as crazy as one would encounter at Shake Shack in Manhattan? How did they compare to the rest of the hot dog and burger stands throughout CitiField?

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                1. re: Miss Needle

                  About 30min before first pitch, I waited maybe 5min for a burger? Walking back through the area during the game, the lines seemed longer, but not unbearable.

                  I'm not sure if last weekend's experience would be a good indicator though. The stadium was half full, the menus were limited, the staff was learning on the job, and the crowds were more interested in scoping out the stadium and food options than the game on the field.

                  With all of the press this week, I'd guess that the specialty food stands will be mobbed for the first few games while they work out the kinks.

                  1. re: EJC

                    My guess is that the type of people who wait on line for 45 minutes in Madison Square Park are different from the type of people who go to Mets games.

                    1. re: Bob Martinez

                      I agree with you, Bob, but don't forget that tourists and 20-yr-olds go to games too

                    2. re: EJC

                      Thanks. Hmm ..... I've got a feeling it will be a bit chaotic this weekend. I'll report back.

                      1. re: Miss Needle

                        just got back from tonight's game. lines were pretty long at shake shack, etc. but they moved fast. only thing i tasted was the fried fish sandwich and cheese fries from the catch of the day stand. really good, nice fresh fried flounder with tarter sauce on a potato bun. also nice to see dave pasternack slinging them in the open kitchen.

                        the deltasky360 club is not serving full meals yet but for $20 you could get unlimited small plates on what they plan on serving. i didn't do this, but it looked like a good deal, with them handing out steak sandwiches, pigs in blankets, crab cakes, and lobster salad.

                        a huge positive though: in the seats with waiter service, soon you will be able to order any of the food from the taste of the city section (shake shack, blue smoke, el verano, and box frites) directly to your seats. right now, they just have 6 oz la frieda burgers (as described on the menu) and hot dogs for delivery.

                  2. I am really looking forward to better food and especially beer at both stadiums!

                    FYI there is an event at Citifield called "Taste of Queens" on 4/21, a benefit for $75 that will supposedly have 70 Queens restaurants represented and beers and wines. I am going, mainly to see the park, although I don't have info about what restaurants will be there.
                    The "Discover Queens" goofy website doesn't give the date of the event!

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                    1. re: kenito799

                      Just got back as well. Tacos were very good. Lines were insane. I would not wait on that line during a real game. Brooklyn beer on tap in various locations. Beer cheaper than Shea--$6.50. Shortest lines were Pepsi porch--standard food and brooklyn cans. And for the record, I walked all around the stadium and I would estimate that a majority of the seats above field level have obscured views.

                    2. I was there on Saturday. During the 1st inning, the line at Shake Shack lasted about half an hour. I think they got behind as we were waiting for quite a long time and nobody was getting served. As we got closer to the window, we saw tons of burgers and fries sitting under the heat lamp. So I think they caught up. I asked for a burger without cheese, lettuce and dressing, and they said it would be another 10 minute wait. I was tired of waiting so I just took it the way it was. Tasted similar to what you would get at the Madison Park Shake Shacks. Good, but not worth the wait if you're going there during a regular ball game (unless you're going to CitiField just for the food). I think the burger prices were actually lower than the other burger places throughout CitiField. Very good value.

                      The line at Box Frites was a lot more manageable -- only about 5 minutes long. Service was very quick as they really only sold one thing. Got it with the blue cheese sauce. Much tastier than Shake Shack's fries. We ran into some friends there. They told me they had the ribs at Blue Smoke on Friday and said they were seriously good.

                      During the 5th inning, we took a walk around the rest of the stadium because we were freakin' freezing. Mama's of Corona didn't plan very well as they were already closing up because they ran out of food. The desserts in the food arena near Mama's of Corona didn't look too hot as well -- $7 for a cupcake?!?!?!??!

                      We ended up getting some carnitas tacos in Danny Meyer Land. Really good. I'm sure some people may protest because it was like $7.50 for two tacos when you can get them a lot cheaper at those taco trucks. But it was seriously a lot of meat, much much more than what you would get when you pay $2 at a truck. Warning: the salsa was pretty spicy. I love spice but realize that not everybody is a fan. The only accoutrement is a wedge of lime there. My only quibble I had was that the corn tortilla to meat ratio was a bit off. Just one small thin flexible corn tortilla for all that meat made it a bit of a messy eating experience. Oh, and the wait was around 5 minutes.

                      Danny Meyer in his Gramercy Tavern jacket was there getting his pic taken quite a bit. I found his prices pretty much in line with other stadium food. In the past I usually have eaten before or after a Mets game because the stadium offerings were so bad. It is pretty cool that I can finally eat decent food while watching a Mets game.

                      1. There's another thread going on right now that also has some reviews of the food offerings at new-Shea: