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Mar 29, 2009 04:25 PM

Need to sharpen my knives in Niagara

Hi there
I am in the Niagara region and am looking for a place to get my chef knives sharpened. Dont really want to venture to Toronto for this so any insight would be great.

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  1. Contact Dave Martell at to get an edge that you will be extremely happy with. He is a master sharpener! Your search has ended!

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    1. re: BoardSMITH

      Hi thanks for your reply I am looking for something in the Niagara region in Canada

    2. I've never gone to any professional sharpening services. You'd want someone you can trust to not destroy your knives. The other alternatives is to buy a system so you can sharpen your knives under your own care.

      I just use a manual diamond sharpener from Chef's Choice. It works, but I'm not sure if it would be considered amazing. There are other ones out there with more bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I can't give you an opinion on those.

      1. likely as far from you as toronto, but in the other direction, but...
        'kiss the cook' in london runs an in-store sharpening service