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Mar 29, 2009 03:35 PM


i've been looking for sour salt in the montreal area and beyond.......anyone know where i can buy some in the Montreal area.

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  1. If you're looking for citric acid, check out this thread:

    I want Citric Acid

    1. Confirmed... The staple of most Jewish kitchens called 'Sour Salt' is in fact pure unadulterated Citric Acid.

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        Agreed, it's the same thing and you can buy it at Merci in the Jean Talon Market, I've also seen it in thicker granules in Indian grocery stores farther west on Jean Talon.

      2. thanks to all for your help.........i found the 'sour salt' at the METRO supermarket on Queen Mary in the Kosher section.My search is over :-)