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Jun 10, 2004 07:57 PM

Electric Lotus in Los Feliz

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Hey gang. Long time reader, first time poster (of a question): Headed there this evening and was wondering if there are any dishes I must try or stay away from. This will be my first trip there. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've been dragged to Electric Lotus too many times by friends who seem only to choose bad restaurants (people for whom the height of Thai food is Toi), and it's never better than mediocre. It's strange how Indian food can come off as bland and boring as it does there.

    My recommendation? Head to Sunset and Normandie and have a great meal at Paru's instead.

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      I agree 100%. If you like Toi you will LOVE this place. "Oh dude it's so, like, cool to be eating INDIAN food!" Food sucks, customers suck, ambiance sucks, pseudo-hippy wanna-be hollywood vibe sucks. Staff is nice.

    2. Welcome to "the other side", where ever you end up, please post a report.

      1. Most excellent. Ambiance/vibe was very cool. Had the Dinner for two: Chicken TIkki Masala...while I think Akbar on Wilshire in SM has THE best, they did a fabulous job. Also had a spinach/mint/potato side that was out of this world. Bathrooms were absolutely horrible, but the service was stellar. Would definately return.

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          Wow. I was there over two years ago and they still haven't gotten the bathrooms together yet?

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            That's the only dish I ever order, though it's always midweek takeout/delivery. Glad someone agrees that it's pretty tasty.

          2. just stay away from the whole place. one time i ate there it was ok. the next two times it was horrible. and if the bathrooms are any indication of the kitchen.....

            1. We just had the WORST carryout experience with Electric Lotus. We ordered the dinner for two...or should I say tried...the woman working the phone had no clue...about the menu or, possibly, that she was even working in an Indian restaurant. It was a terrible ordeal to simply place the order. My boyfriend arrived to pick up our order before it was out of the kitchen and drove it directly home...a whole mile. Most of the what we ordered was wrong. We asked for Tofu in a dish instead of cheese which, of course, had cheese when it arrived home. All of the food was not quite mediocre. And the Naan...oh god the Naan! The horror. It was completely awful...all three orders of it. We called to let the manager know how disappointed we were - we even offered to drive all the food back. He told us there would be a ten dollar credit waiting for us the next time we came we will EVER eat at Electric Lotus again. Such a shame, we had an awesome Pinot Noir we were saving for a special occasion and it was the only good part of the night. All we could think of was how many pounds of amazing cheese we could have picked up at Silver Lake cheesestore for the 50 bucks we wasted at Electric Lotus.