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Mar 29, 2009 03:05 PM

Just Good Food Rt 9 North Manalapan NJ

A New Restaurant/Take Out Food Place called Just Good Food seems to be opening soon - new big sign. It is in the strip mall with Mixed Greens and Panda House. If anyone sees it open or gives it a try let us know just how good.

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  1. I was in front of that place one day about 2 weeks ago.. and I saw an orthodox Jew walk into "Just Good Food".. so I wonder if it'll be Kosher food.. or if it's just Jewish-owned.

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      They just opened today, April 1. It is Kosher and Fleishik, and runs from steak and burgers to Shawarma to hummus to drumettes. Jewish Fusion. Enjoy!!!

      1. re: Barzilai

        Located in the space formerly occupied by Video Home Center (next to Bagel World). It's Wraps, sandwiches, chicken, salads, Middle Eastern fare & more - kosher (meat). Their 'soft' opening is today with a limited pre-Passover menu. Counter service with tables available. Post Passover menu will have more variety. BTW they also have WIFI access and you'll be able to order online or via your BlackBerry...

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          I don't give easy praise. I'm not a fan of most glatt kosher places or dairy likewise: we are a captive audience and mostly it's just....ok, acceptable, sometimes merely, passable.

          So let me say this about Just Good Food: I'm about to drive 8 miles to get a corned beef hoagie from them. It is_ that_ good. Their food is quite good, some exeptional

      2. They opened today......
        The hamburger was so much better than even I hoped for.
        The staff was freindly, helpful and attentive.
        A True Glatt place to eat!!

        1. Enjoyed Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma Stuffed Puffed Pastry, and Drumettes.
          Great, kind, and helpful people work here!
          This is Good Kosher Food!

          Random Side Note: They have their updated menu available

          1. Googling, I can't find a website. :-( It's less than five minutes from our house. I pass that strip mall regularly, so I guess I'll stop in and look at the menu.

            1. There is no website printed on the menu.
              Have a few minutes..Here is the menu - prices vary for lunch dinner, pita, plate, side order etc....

              Soup of the day
              Bean Soup
              Moroccan Cigars
              Stuffed Grape Leaves
              Hot Dog
              Chili Dog
              Buffalo Wings
              BBQ Wings
              Meatless Chili

              Beef Burger
              Lamb Burger
              Turkey Burger
              Portabella Mushroom Burger
              Pepper Veggie Burger
              Lots of toppings to choose from...

              Kids Menu...

              Turkey Pastrami
              Turkey Breast
              Grilled Chicken
              Corned Beef
              Grilled Steak
              Steak in WIne Sauce

              Fried Chicken...



              Fresh Homemade Challah...

              Middle Eastern
              Veggie Fritters
              Kufta Kabob
              Beef Kabob
              Chicken Kabob
              Mixed Grill
              Jerusalem Mix
              Yemenite Soup


              Onion Rings
              Sweet Potato Fries
              Spicy Fries
              Cloe Slaw
              Potato Salad
              Rice White or Yellow
              Rice and Beans
              Turkish Salad
              Fried Eggplant
              Moroccan Salad
              Israeli Salad


              They Cater and Deliver Too - LOL - Hope this helps

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                Thanks for taking the time to provide this menu list, shabbystorm. While I can easily toddle over there, this will be helpful to those who are interested in knowing what's on the menu but for whom the place is not quite so conveniently located.