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Mar 29, 2009 02:48 PM

Taco Del Mar - no fish tacos in Calgary

About a month ago, we went to Taco Del Mar in Okotoks looking for fish tacos, but when we tried to order, the man working at the counter said that they were out of fish that day. Thinking that this was a one-time occurrence, we reluctantly ordered some beef and chicken tacos instead. Then today we went to the location on 130th Ave SE in Calgary, Alberta. Again, we tried to order the "Alaskan Fish" that was listed on the menu, but the East Indian owner began to lecture us and said that he won't order the fish because it doesn't sell and it sits in his restaurant for months and spoils. he said that 9 Calgary franchise owners had a meeting with the corporation and all complained about the fish, and that none of them were going to carry it any longer.

I think this just plain sucks. I mean, "Taco Del Mar" means literally "taco of the sea." If these franchise owners don't want to sell fish tacos, why did they open a "Taco of the Sea" and not a Taco Bell or Taco Time... And I can't believe that the corporation is allowing these few rogue franchisee owners to tarnish the Taco Del Mar name.


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  1. Don't go there -- problem solved.

    1. I clicked on this thread out of curiosity and I can't believe what I read.

      Or maybe I can.

      Once in my life I ate in a TdM franchise-run by two EIs who had exactly no idea what a Taco was and man was it vile-I mean VILE (and Yes I ordered a Fish Taco)

      But as mentioned things must be tough for the company if they're allowing franchise holders to break the contract like that.

      Of course it's possible that the owner of the 130th St SE place is a liar many times over-it does happen.

      My advice is to contact the head office directly and complain bitterly -just to make someone's day(!)

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        This franchise seems cursed. Have a quick Google on what's going on there.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          yea, it's funny cause after we asked about the fish tacos and got the lecture from the owner, he then started telling the guy in front of me that he "is all about the customers. i give the customers what they want!" i couldn't believe it. then he started telling the guy that he wanted to start selling samosas and "things that people want to eat" LOL.

        2. That is too bad.

          I was recently at Las Tortillas, and LOVE the place. The beef and pork tacos are both outstanding, fantastic flavours. While not "fish" tacos exactly, they are serving shrimp tacos on Saturdays. It might be worth the trek for you.

          Las Tortillas also has a website now:

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          1. re: hornvixen

            oh that's great, thanks for the heads up! i've been aware of los tortillas for awhile, but last time i was at their site they were only making tortillas. i'll have to stop in there and grab some tacos!

            can you dine in, or is it take out only?

          2. That's odd. I mean, there are regional differences in what sells but if they've decided no fish tacos why don't they put a sign up or something?

            1. You can also try Mi Tierra Tu Tacqueria in the Oakridge area. I don't recall if they have fish tacos... but the food there is very authentic and I know for sure they have beef and pork tacos. They also have some seafood dishes, I recall, as well.

              Here's the address:
              #2-10015 Oakfield Drive SW
              Calgary, AB T2V 1S9
              (403) 238-1749

              Also, I know Big Fish on Edmonton Trail has fish tacos on their appetizer menu. I don't think they are very authentic but my friend enjoyed them but nonetheless.

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              1. re: miss.foodie

                nope, i have lunch here every weekend and they definitely don't do fish tacos (or baja food, for that matter).