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Mar 29, 2009 02:30 PM

New Haven County Farms

Farms, Maple Syrup, where to go where you go and get milk, and watch the process. Also the Best Chocolate Milk at the farm too!! Also any smoke houses?

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  1. UConn has a great map showing locations of different places:

    1. I'm assuming you're looking for a farm where you can see the maple syrup being made? Here's a couple of lists covering such facilities in Connecticut:
      For a variety of reasons, the syrup in New Haven county, while it's damn good, isn't quite as good as you can find in some other parts of the state, particularly LItchfield County. My favorite in New Haven County is Wayne's Sugar House in North Branford. Maple Grove Farm in Guilford is nicer for visiting, and I buy most of my maple syrup there for reasons of convenience.
      Here's a list of New Haven County Dairy producers:
      I've bought milk from those that sell it, and can only recommend Field View Farm in Orange, but I'm not big on raw milk. Except for Rich Farm, I've only bought the milk at markets, not at the farm itself. If you're looking to watch the cows get milked, I don't think you can at Rich Farm, and I don't know about the others. I do have a lot of dairy farming experience though, and I can tell you that watching a cow get hooked up to a milking machine and watching the milking machine do its thing is far from an idyllic or romantic experience. Hand milking is a cool experience, but I doubt it's something you can see done in New Haven County.
      The only smokehouse in the state I know of is Nodine's, in Torrington (Litchfield County).

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          Does Field View still sell milk? Since a large fire several years ago (among other things) they've had maybe one or two cows hanging around and have sold off some big chunks of land.

          1. re: harrie

            Not sure. I grew up drinking it, and probably haven't had it since I left for college. I've seen in various places that they would be back up and running by X date (all the X's being at least four years ago). I assumed the Department of Agriculture would be up to date, but perhaps that was not a sound assumption.

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              I was a big fan of Field View - milk, cheese and veggies, the whole shebang. Plus they're local. Plus plus, I got the best cat ever from them a long while back. I think they just do veggies and hay these days, though. They sold that huge corn field across Route 34, and it's being developed. Guess I should pull in there one day to do reconnaissance on what they're selling.

        2. How about including beef? Anyhow there is a good CT NOFA (Northeast organic farming Assoc. of Connecticut), map here:

          They mention School tours: March Farm,160 Munger Lane, Bethlehem, CT-06751, 203-266-7721

          1. "any smoke houses?"
            Noacks in Meriden
            A fine place to buy smoked meats-everything is made and smoked on site. There is no cute looking 'smoke house' but the meats/sausages/wursts speak for themselves.
            I love the breakfast sausages (best I've had), bratwurst (pork;pork and veal;veal) and smoked snack sticks.
            Try the excellent German potato salad-but save some for me!

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              I second Noack's--we have bratwursts for "German dinner" fairly regularly.

              1. re: shoreline

                YES this is exactly the kind of events that I love Love Love, I thank you very much and I am marking it in my calendar right now. If you ever hear of anything else I appreciate it, have a great day!