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Mar 29, 2009 02:27 PM

Cleaning Mildew off Rice Cooker

I have an electric rice cooker (Cuckoo) that is collecting mildew between the top plate and the cover. It isn't removable. I'm concerned about continuing to use for health reasons. Considered new cooker, but most seem to be constructed the same way. How do others deal with cleaning in this area?

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  1. Since no one has answered you - I'll try. I have a different brand than yours but did not even know that it needed cleaning until I opened it to serve the rice and the stuff on top of the rice was not bonito flakes (I won't tell you how long I had it). Avoided vomiting but (I know this is TMI for what you're asking) I ripped the inside cover plate off. Gosh, it actually came off with some pressure and (lo and behold) went back on. Perhaps you just need to reach the frustration point and go for it.

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      Hi. Isn't the top plate stuck to the actual cover? Or are there screws to remove? I have yucky build up there but not mildew, and normally I would overlook it, but we bring rice regularly to a function, and I don't want anyone to find out, but I don't know how to clean it either without soaking it (which I can't do because of the cord) because it's been a long time... possibly longer that yours. :-)

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        Mine has an inner cover that is flexible - that is, it moves/adjusts against the top lid of the cooker. It is attached by a plastic gasket that, with some pulling effort, releases. I can wash it and then replace the lid by aligning the gasket and vent and then pushing it with some force.

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          You're so correct!! Thank you. I popped the inner lid off as you described. My luck is I usually break something with force and there's nothing in the user's manual about removal. (It wasn't mildew after all, but definitely yuck.)

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            Makes me feel good that I saved you from certain death!
            Thanks for making my day.

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              Judging from the other responses, you have probably saved a lot of other deaths! Who knew? You're great!

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            Glad I found this thread again. OK, I have that inner cover as well, but once you remove that cover, there's another metal plating, right? Isn't that dirty too? And if it is, is that meant to be removed for cleaning? Thanks!

            1. re: boltnut55

              Every rice cooker I've owned has had a removable bowl and a removable inner lid. After making rice, I wash the bowl and the lid in the sink. As for the underside of the outer lid (the part exposed when the inner lid is removed), I wipe it clean with a damp tissue or paper towel. Some rice cookers also have a removable vent piece that can be popped off for cleaning. Hope this helps.

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