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Mar 29, 2009 12:35 PM

Fifteen and a Half Pints of Grapefruit Marmalade, Baby

So I cobbled together a grapefruit marmalade recipe from Nigella, RecipeZaar, and my own random preserving knowledge... and ended up with fifteen and a half pints of it. It's delicious, crazy floral and bracingly, delectably bitter.

Somebody, anybody -- what can I do with all of this? I've given two pints away, eaten about a pint and a half (I done told y'all, it's GOOD) -- and it's canned, so it's not going bad anytime soon.

Suggestions? Recipes? Anything?

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  1. Wow! I'd take one or two off your hands, but alas, that's not an option. So here's a few other suggestions, based on my own past cache.

    Save a few for the Jammin Jelly Exchange at the Batter Splattered blog late next summer.

    It's lovely in nut tarts, especially sweetened with honey.

    Do you eat pork? Fish? Works well in marinades for them.

    Toss with roasted beets, when using the beets in a composed salad.
    I tried tossing parsnips in it too, but if I'm remembering correctly, that combination wasn't anywhere near as good as was the beets/marmalade.

    I've made this grapefruit cake, that uses 1/3 cup:

    This recipe is in my folder, untried: Grapefruit Marmalade Petit Pockets (cookies):

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      Oh, yes. Clepro, these are perfect! Beets! Grapefruit cake!

      I confess, my creativity extended to a glaze for pork, but these are dynamite suggestions. Obrigado!

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        This Gingerbread recipe with marmalade in the batter is very good.

      2. Would you share your recipe? Pretty please:) I just snagged 3 grocery bags of ruby reds from a very kind neighbor

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        1. re: yamalam


          10 grapefruit
          7-8 pounds sugar (or thereabouts; you need about the same amount of sugar by weight as you have grapefruit by weight)

          1. Thoroughly wash grapefruit and halve horizontally (i.e., across the "equator").
          2. Simmer grapefruit in water about 2 hours. I used my great big roasting pan AND my largest stock pot for this. Drain and cool.
          3. Cut the grapefruit into wedges. I just cut around the seeds (which are all in the center) and discarded that bit. I also put my cutting board in my largest serving platter to catch the juices, and I am SO glad I did.
          4. Whiz the grapefruit (peel, pulp, juice, and all) in batches in your cuisinart, until it looks marmalade-y. Or if you're a sadist/glutton for punishment, you can slice them.
          5. Pour the chopped grapefruit and sugar into a large saucepan or stock pot and simmer over medium-high heat until a drop of the marmalade gels on a cold plate -- this took over an hour for mine. Taste periodically and add more sugar if you think it needs it.
          6. Ladle into jars and process by your favorite canning method.

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            Wow, that sounds wonderful. I can't eat grapefruit [negates some medication] but I might try this with lemon or orange. Thanks for sharing.

            1. re: smtucker

              I am wondering if the intense heat in the preserving process would deactivate the agent in Grapefruit that causes the reaction.

              You might want to ask your physician.

            2. re: LauraGrace

              Sounds like a great recipe. Are you using Texas Ruby Reds? Approz what size? S? M? L?.

              1. re: Fleur

                Sorry I'm so late in getting back to this!

                They were large Texas pink grapefruit. Not ruby reds.

          2. Just had a few more ideas. I'm thinking that a layer of it underneath the cream of a coconut cream pie, or a milk tart (Amish brown sugar pie), might be very nice. Or added to the filling of a coconut layer cake. Or swirled into a rich coconut egg custard.

            I wonder if it could be used in any way in a grapefruit sorbet?

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            1. re: clepro

              I wondered about grapefruit sorbet as well!!

              Those are all great suggestions.

            2. Definitely with scallops add some white wine and a fresh citrus glaze, you already mentioned pork Chicken would be great.

              Mix with canola oil, some lime and fresh fruit segments and spinach and it makes a wonderful dressing for a fruit lettuce salad.

              Great with avacados blood oranges for a light citrus salad grilled over chicken.

              Over Ricotta and lemon zest stuffed ravioli with some of the marmalade and brown sugar for a sweet tart fried ravioli.

              Sweets for me would be great, but not my speciality, but lots of ideas.

              Over some veggies sweet and tart. Some red pepper along with a bit of the marmalade to lend a sweet tart component. Green beans comes to mind.

              Stir fry shrimp with red peppers garlic and the marmalade over a basmati rice and veggies of your choice.

              Lamb chops or rack of lamp and then topped and served with a port citrus sauce. Using some of the marmalade.

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              1. I made some crazy good Meyer Lemon marmalade last year. My husband doesn't like any marmalade (too bitter for him), so I have eaten the whole batch, less what I could give away. One of my favorites is to mix about 2 teaspoons into about a half a cup of plain whole milk yogurt (Brown Cow is my preferred brand). The combination of tart, sweet, creamy, chewy, and slightly bitter is great, imo.

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                1. re: dkenworthy

                  Would you be kind enough to post the recipe for Meyer Lemon Marmalade?

                  I bought a whole lot yesterday at Grand Central Market, and would love to make your recipe.

                  1. re: Fleur

                    I can't claim credit, I used Molly Watson's recipe from the SF Chronicle. Here is the link. I liked it a lot!


                  2. re: dkenworthy

                    I've had it in yogurt -- I too am a huge fan of Brown Cow's cream-top yogurt. It's amazing.