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Mar 29, 2009 11:34 AM

Where to buy beluga lentils in RI?

Does anyone know where I could buy beluga lentils near Providence?

Also, I'm having trouble finding gigante beans.... any ideas?


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  1. Try calling Venda Ravioli - or one of the other places on Federall Hill - or Whole Foods - Beluga lentils are also known as black lentils. Actually, I'm pretty sure that whole foods has them in the bulk sections - actually, most health food stores do too.
    If none of those work, Sid Wainer in New Bedford has an outlet and they carry both types of beans.

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    1. re: harryharry

      Forget Providence. We use Sid Wainer in New Bedford Ma. The best Gourmet shop in NE its open to the public and you can romp in their wholesale refrigerators for the best of the best you will flip if you saw this place its only 30 min ride down rt 195 try this link

    2. Thanks. I tried Whole Foods, Not Just Snacks, Trader Joe's, Eastside Marketplace, and the Indian grocer on Mineral Springs. I'll check Venda and Sid Wainer...

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        Forget Venda Beluga Lentils are French dont think so in an italian deli. check the link i gave people

      2. Trader Joe's carries pre-cooked beluga lentils. If you have no luck locally,, in Idaho, carries them and also gigandes beans. I recently ordered a variety of dried beans from them and am happy with their service. I ordered on a Thursday night and they arrived by Priority Mail on Monday. Kudos to the Postal Service as well!