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Mar 29, 2009 11:28 AM

Thanks, Boston Board!

I'm a long-time lurker who combed postings on here for good ideas for restaurants in Boston before my recent visit. Thanks to all who provided great suggestions. I ate very well during my stay.

My personal faves: I had a great lunch at Neptune Oyster -- sat at the bar and the neighbors were friendly. Lobster roll -- cold with mayo: kinda perfect. French fries just the way i like them, hand-cut, well done and crispy. Wine list -- small but incredibly well chosen and eclectic.

A really great meal at Prezza. Wine list is enormous and well chosen if a little pricey. Waiter was very knowledgeable and helped steer us to a delicious big italian red. Service was perfect. Noisy, but fun. Enormous pork chop, perfectly cooked. Some of the best meatballs ever, and the polenta with it... yum. My goal is to find a place like it in L.A. If I lived in Boston, I'd be a regular at Prezza.

I got to say, Hammersley's was a slight disappointment. Wine list is not inspiring and wine service is terrible. Roast chicken was overdone and dry -- and seeing an entire half a chicken, bones and all, sitting on a plate, seems a little too casual when you're paying 28 bucks for it. The beat salad was delicious but $14 delicious? And servers made multiple attempts to clear before we were done with courses. Hate that. But the cassoulet was delicious.

So again, thanks Bostonians. Your help was much appreciate. Good restaurants you've got!

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  1. sorry to hear about your roast chicken at Hammersley's. that's one crave-worthy dish when it's done right.

    1. Happy you found good information here. You're right, Neptune is kind perfect.

      If you come back, try Hamersley's at the bar. We've always had great service. It's sad that the one time you try it, the rightfully famous chicken was less than perfect. It is one of my regular craving dishes. I always tell my husband that if I ever get sick and won't eat to go and get that for me and it will probably tempt me.

      I may follow your lead to the meatballs and polenta at Prezza. We haven't been there in awhile.