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Mar 29, 2009 10:55 AM

Long Weekend Dining

My BW and I will be in New Orleans for a long weekend a week from today, and I would like some advice on dining choices. We are having brunch at Commander's Palace on Sunday, but after that, our three dinners are open. I am inclined towards Dick & Jenny's on one evening, and I am weighing Arnaud's or Galatoire's for a classice creole meal on another. Otherwise, we do intend to stop by Central Grocery, Casamento's, Parkway, and Drago's for individual items. We are more interested in "New Orleans restaurants", rather than "restaurants in New Orleans". I welcome any thoughts on the matter.

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  1. I'd say Gal's over Arnaud's, and stick with chargrilled oysters at Drago's - everything else I've had there was mediocre. Other than that, I think your picks are fine.

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      I agree, maybe have chargrilled oysters as an early appetizer before heading off to another place for the entree.

      Dick and Jenny's is a great choice in my opinion and if your long weekend includes a Thursday evening, that would be the night I went there as they do not take reservations (even though my waits have all been pleasurable).


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        Thanks for the insights; does anyone have an opinion regarding Bayona--I have read a variety of conflicting reports.

        1. re: rneeno

          If the reviews that you found were on CH, then I'll not link to my review, as you've probably read it.

          We had a lovely meal, with very few complaints. As we had 3 NOLA natives in our foursome, and all loved the meal, the service, and the wine, I'd give it a thumbs up. There are some detractors, and several maintain that Chef Spicer's fare is not NOLA and also not unique. I cannot argue that point, but can only say that it was a nearly perfect dining experience and at a good price-point.

          Good luck in your search. Plenty of great restaurants to choose from. I really need to schedule a "long MONTH" to just hit the high spots.