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Mar 29, 2009 10:55 AM

Valpariso lunch

Will be taking a side trip from Santiago to Valparaiso and would love a recommendation for a great lunch. Have read about Pasta y Vino. Is this hype or a place to try? Any other recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Hope its not too late but DEFINITELY go to the upstairs of the farmers market (old yellow and iron building designed by Eiffel) and eat at one of the seafood places. Its as much Valpo character as you can find. The best one is Rincon del mar I believe. It will be packed out the door everyday of the week.

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      A little late but thank you anyway. We had great food in Santiago and instead of eating lunch in Valpariso we ate at Restaurant Tanino at Casas del Bosque---a lovely afternoon.

    2. Woops...this is now too late but in case anyone else looks at this post in the future. My bf and I went to Chile a while ago and also took a side trip from Santiago to Valparaiso. We ate at Pasta y Vino in Valparaiso and thought it was excellent -- great pasta with fresh ingredients -- so I definitely recommend this place. I think people generally reserve in advance but since we're Americans, we were there right when they opened for dinner (9pm!) and got last-minute seating at the bar and got to watch the action in the kitchen.