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Mar 29, 2009 10:28 AM

Claudes Closed


Closed by NY State dpt of health...

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  1. I was there this morning and there were two signs in the door window, a yellow board of health closed notice and a hand written sign. The hand written sign said they were closed for renovations and would re open soon. Inside was a guy I have never seen before and he opened the door to talk to me. He said they were closed because they did not have a sink for employees to wash their hands, clearly that is not the full story. Lets hope they get it together soon.

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      I really HOPE SO, because i havent eaten breakfast since :(

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        Actually numerous places in New York have recently been closed for the lack of a hand washing sink within a certain number of feet of the food prep area. Recently this happened to Payard Patisserie and to Magnoiia bakery. The sink may well be the whole story, although I imagine the city inspectors ALWAYS find multiple things wrong. What's odd is that these places existed for years without falling afoul of the rule - Claude was last inspected in November 08, and the missing sink was for some reason not an issue then. I don't know what suddenly triggers the sink infraction, but it is peculiar how it can suddenly pop up.

      2. The garden room at Employees Only was also closed because of a missing sink issue.