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Mar 29, 2009 10:21 AM

buggered at the buttery-should we have been comped the whole meal?

For the past couple years, I have heard and read much about the Buttery in Lewes De., including good reviews on this board.Last week I finally found myself in Lewes and decided to give it a shot. My experience was not as pretty as previous reviewers.
We missed lunch, but the hubby and I decided to try the light fare menu. I ordered the petite filet, medium and the hubby the kobe burger (kobe for 13 bucks, dubious but that is an aside)also medium.When my filet was presented, I did my normal poke test and my finger sunk into the meat as though I'd poked a marshmallow.Not a good indicator that my meat was indeed medium.Although there was a sort of crust on the outside,when I cut into the steak, it looked like someone had merely murmured the words cook over it. I swear I heard it moo.Back to the kitchen it went, as I sat there and watched the hubby chow down on his burger-also ordered medium but presented rare, but at least not mooing.At least 10 minutes later, my filet returned. Poke, cut, bleed all over the plate. By this time I was in the throes of abject hunger,having only had a few bites of the hubbies burger, and went slightly ballistic-in a polite way. The server offered to once again take it back to the kitchen, or bring me another dish, but by that time I was to pissed and feeling quite buggered by the Buttery.In all, I probably had sat there at least 30 minutes, dejected, foodless, and ultimately culinarily chuffed to the max.
Manager #1 comes to the table, I vent my unhappiness. She says the general manager will come talk to me, which she does after about 10 minutes. So now we're going on about 40 minutes, and I'm starting to get woozy from hunger.She offers to take my meal off the bill-duh-and gives me a gift certificate for $25.
So my problem is, I felt the whole meal should have been comped-ultimately the bill was about 20 bucks for the hubbies portion and my iced tea. Granted I was given the gift certificate, but based on that experience I would be reticent to return to the Buttery. I arrived with certain expectations, based on solid research, which I explained to the GM, and left feeling highly irate, still hungry, and feeling as if we'd been had.Comping the 20 bucks plus the gift certificate would have gone a longer way to assuage my ire then apologies did.
As an aside, I ultimately had an excellent $3.75 egg salad sandwich on a wonderful house made sunflower seed bread from the little Lewes bakery down the street.Next time think I'll forget the gourmet and head straight for the gusto!!!!

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  1. I am real sorry to hear this. I hope you enjoyed your Lewes visit otherwise.
    My husband goes often to The Buttery with business associates and always comes home bragging. I have never been but was planning to take my mother there when she visits next. The two Buttery chefs were recently featured in our local newspaper and I was impressed with their backgrounds. Here is that article from The Cape Gazette:

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      Oh, I forgot to mention the Bake Shop has the most wonderful cranberry oatbran muffins for $1.50!

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          1. I would be happy with how the restaurant treated you, Comping the whole meal is overboard. Your husband had and ate what he ordered. The GC is a great resolution. The restaurants wants a second chance to earn your business back. Don't fool yourself, you will redeem that GC.