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Mar 29, 2009 10:00 AM

rock hard brown sugar

I just found a 2# bag of brown sugar in the back of my pantry. Any ideas how to make it usable again?

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  1. Put it in a Ziploc/resealable bag with something moist in there, such as a slice (or 2 or 3) of an apple, or even a damp paper towel. The sugar should "soak up" the moisture, and soften.

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    1. or, add a slice of fresh bread. Leave it in the bag for a few days and remove. The bread should be rock hard, brown sugar softened.

      1. microwave it for a bit(say 30 sec. depending on the power of your microwave oven) will loosen it up for immediate use. The other suggestions will work fine for a more permanent fix.

        1. Must be that time of year when everyone discovers their brown sugar has become a brick.


          1. A brick is a good way to describe the box of dark brown that hardened in my pantry recently. My solution was to take it out of the bag, place it on a cutting board, and cut thin slices like it was a ham and let it all pile up on the cutting board. It was painless, but obviously it doesn't restore the entire batch, just a cup at a time or whatever you need.

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              Raw brown sugar is cast in cones (Mexican piloncillo), or blocks. In some countries it is called 'raspadura', which I think comes from 'raspar', to grate, and 'dura', hard. One way of using it is to grate it. Another way is to dissolve chunks in boiling water, making a brown sugar syrup.