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I have looked through the posts about the best burger on the UES, but am looking for a traditional burger with really good fries. I like at 71&2nd and wouldnt mind if it delivers, but will happily walk 20 blocks for the best bite.
Please share WHERE you get your favorite burger, but just as important, WHY it is your favorite burger!!!

Thank you so much!
-the student

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  1. I like Soup Burg on Lexington around 80th

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      Soup Burg does make a nice burger but you are a year or so out of date. They have moved to Lexington Ave off the corner of 77 Street. BTW, Soup Burg make a great chocolate egg cream just like I remember from the 1950's.

    2. a few off the top of my head (why there would be burgers on top of my head, i'll never know)

      gracie's coffeeshop on 86th and 1st - always cooked thw way i like em, and running with drippy oozy juiciness

      buzina pop - kobe burger - yeah it costs a lot. but kobe burger... c'mon!

      tbar on 3rd ave and 73rd. upscale attempt that doesnt know if it's a trendy pick-up bar or a steakhouse, but the burger tasted cood.

      pj clarkes - a classic

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        Buzina Pop is gone from the UES -- moving to a downtown location.

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          funny thing - i meant jg melon when i said pj clarkes

        2. My favorite is, I think, the one at Ottomanelli, up at Lexington and 93rd or so. Why - it is large, juicy, nice crust, has a great brioche like bun, cooked to the temperature you want, and it is $5.95. I think it is a better burger than PJ Clarke's, and the waffle fries are excellent.

          For a smaller burger, I like the one at Square Meal - it is 5 oz, and comes with oven fries and home made catsup. It is $15.00.

          1. J.G.Melon's on 3rd Ave @ 74th is always on the list of best burgers in Manhattan. I also like the burger at Kinsdale Tavern on 3rd Ave @ 93rd St.

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              Love Ottomanelli -- biggger, better, and half the price of JG Melon

            2. I second Ottomanelli's on Lex & 93rd.

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                I third Ottomanelli's. has to be the best value, ever, for a burger, fries, etc.

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                  Is the Ottomanelli location on 85th and York as good?

              2. I would go with J.G. Melon or Jackson Hole surprisingly! I know Jackson Hole seems like a bit of a dive, but the burgers are remarkable!

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                  Good god. I won't disagree with you except to say that Jackson Hole would be, um, a matter of personal preference.

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                    Agreed - I don't mind the diviness (is that a word?) of Jackson Hole, but the burgers seem really gloppy to me, and kind of fall apart.

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                      Agreed on those Jackson Hole burgers being gloppy. They taste like they have been steamed or boiled too...really unappealing. Personally I would avoid.

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                        Yes - you are right - it's that steamed thing that is particularly unappealing to me as well.

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                          Thank you! I've never known how to describe what those burgers taste like. I'd settled on "gray" but I think "steamed or boiled" does it better.

                  2. I like the bleu cheese burgers at Rathbone's.

                    1. PJ Clarkes - love the skinny, salty fries. JG Melon - love the cottage fries (is that what the round ones are called?), especially when you get them a little more well done. Hmmm.... I seem to like potatotes. Both are classic places to sit, have a burger and beer. Oh, and last time I was at JG Melon, the owner remembered our name (always a nice touch). I keep reading about this Ottomanelli place - will def have to try it out.

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                        Considering the price, I had one of the most horrible burgers of my burger life at PJs. Dry and tasteless. FFs no better.

                      2. Very good pub burger right around the corner from you at Finnegan's Wake.

                        1st Ave and 73rd.


                        1. JG Mellon, and PJ Clarkes are the places I'd stop for a burger on the upper east.

                          Jackson hole on the other hand... pretty much takes the bottom of any burger list I'd make.

                          1. Last time I had the JG Melon burger it was nothing special. Actually, very disappointing. Stale bread, ordinary meat, ordinary dressings. I had a takeout order - perhaps the eat-in burger is better.

                            1. Try Uptown on 88th and Third. It doesn't turn up on many lists, but the burger is great.

                              1. So I finally made it to Ottomanelli (MMRuth - I almost wanted to give you a heads up in case you were planning on being there, since I know you are a frequent diner there). The burger was quite good, although I thought it was cooked a tad bit more than the "medium" I requested. I opted for the VIP burger (with mushrooms, onions, and swiss), which was rather tasty - I even spotted some portobello mushrooms, which were a nice surprise. Even better than the burger, however, were the "crispy waffle fries" - I couldn't finish my burger, but I had to finish the fries - they might have been one of the best I've had in the city. That, with the nice, light, Italian beer - delicious! Service was very pleasant, ambience was nice (even a little romantic) - I will definitely be back!

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                                  I love the burger at B. Cafe on 75th street. Delicious chimay cheese and a slice of pancetta. I also love the burgers @ Finnegan's wake. Very tasty!

                                2. What's the deal with Ottomanelli's? The website says that they are "not a chain". Are the 3 restaurants owned by different people? Different theme?

                                  I hear the burgers are good, but only waffle fries? Ugh.