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Mar 29, 2009 09:31 AM

Kosher eats near New Hope?

I am totally flummoxed. I am meeting a friend from NJ at our usual halfway point, which is New Hope. She's kosher, and thus is usually able to eat something like a salad wherever we've gone, but she seems to have gotten a bit more strict in her dietary requirements over time. I'd really like to find an actual kosher restaurant somewhere near New Hope (i.e. Lambertville would be fine, anywhere else within about ten miles from New Hope in any direction). Any ideas? Lambertville's Ota-ya comes up in a list of kosher restaurants, but I'm skeptical...

The only thing that vaguely comes to mind is La Pergola in Doylestown, and I'm not even sure if they're really kosher. They _do_ have Jewish specialties there (it's the only place outside of Grandma's kitchen I've ever seen kasha varnishkes!), but that doesn't mean kosher, necessarily.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might get a better response if you posted this on the Kosher board. That said, no, I do not think that there are any strictly kosher restaurants within many miles of New Hope. The closest thing listed on the Shamash database of kosher establishments (which is pretty thorough, although maintained by community input and therefore not always totally up-to-date: is a supermarket in Yardley PA, McCaffrey's Supermarket, although their website doesn't seem to indicate that they're a kosher place. You might want to call them to see if they offer takeout: (215) 493-9616

    From brief searching online, La Pergola appears to have closed, and to never have been kosher in the first place. Ota-ya's online menu lists non-kosher foods such as shrimp.

    Kosher restaurants cluster, for obvious reasons, near where there are kosher-keeping consumers. As there's no large observant Jewish community near New Hope, there aren't any kosher restaurants nearby. I am not from Pennsylvania, but the closest decent dining option seems to be Max and David's, in Elkins Park PA, (215) 885-2400. It reliably gets good reviews in the kosher boards here, although Google Maps puts it at a 43 minute drive, significantly outside of your radius. A bit further afield, there are other kosher restaurants in the suburbs of Philadelphia, or in Highland Park NJ, next to New Brunswick. There is a small Orthodox community in Allentown, and although I don't think there are any kosher restaurants there, you might want to contact the synagogue for advice as to the closest kosher food:

    As a separate point, Passover is coming up soon (the evening of Wed. April 8-Thurs. April 16). If you're meeting then, it creates a whole separate host of food issues.

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      Ah, I didn't realize there's a kosher board here -- thanks! I did see the sad list of choices (mostly supermarkets) on the Shamash database, unfortunately. And yes, we're trying to schedule _after_ Passover to avoid all the other food-related problems. Thanks anyway.

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        FWIW La Pergola is no longer in business and is now Honey... at 42 Shewell Street in Doylestown And it is not a restaurant that keeps Kosher.