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Mar 29, 2009 09:24 AM

Thierry Puzelat, Touraine

Has anyone had his wines? Just discovered them and have a bottle of "In Cot we trust"

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  1. Very interesting comments on Thierry Puzelat:

    Importer: Louis/Dressner

    Plenty of hits in

    1. Puzelat's wines are not for everyone. They're really quirky, earthy, funky and often made from less common grapes like romorantin, cot and pineau d'aunis.

      Personally, I really enjoy them. If you like the Touraine, try the pineau d'aunis. It's probably one of the strangest wines I've ever had. Here are my notes from the 2007 a few weeks ago:

      Puzelat is one of the most eccentric winemakers out there, and Pineau d'Aunis is a strange grape. Pineau, aka Chenin Noir and grown pretty much only in Touraine and Anjou in the Loire, is rarely made into a varietal wine. According to Jancis Roberts, it's usually added to roses to give them a bit of liveliness. This wine was certainly lively. Perfumed nose, with hints of almonds, cherry and lavender. Flavors open unexpectedly with grapefruit, and then sour cherry. It's peppery, with a light fruity syrup backdrop (peaches?), and enough acidity to keep it interesting. It's not a great food wine, if only because it's so bizarre that it's distracting, but it's fun to drink and quite delicious.

      1. Puzelat is a God to many who like natural wines. I generally like his stuff.

        1. I agree with Steve. Typically good, certainly different. If you like his negoce wines do give the Clos du Tue Boeuf estate wines a try.

          A few comments from other the past 12months....

          2006 Thierry Puzelat PN (Touraine) Definitely Loire but an aromatic expression of pinot that I never would have guessed blind. It’s extremely green and foresty on the nose, alluringly so actually, while the flavors are clean red fruits and a rich supple mouthfeel with the softest brush of tannins. I really like this.

          2006 Thierry Puzelat La Tesnière Pineau d’Aunis (Touraine) I’m not sure I get this wine. It’s Loire for sure but it’s a bit disjointed. I don’t know if it needs time or is just quirky

          2005 Thierry Puzelat Touraine Sauvignon (Loire) Richly honeyed lemon scent that is saying chenin to me, much more so than sauvignon, followed by a mouthful of lemongrass, minerals, and ripe fruit that is quite tasty, full bodied, and deep. The acidity is rather piercing leaving a soil driven, tangy finish. Overall it’s very crisp, well balanced, tightly focused, and interesting. Fake cork.

          2005 Thierry Puzelat Touraine Sauvignon (Loire) This particular bottle is far more advanced in seemingly in decline compared to one about a year ago. There is much more of an oxidized nutty, madeira profile than previously. I’ll blame the fake cork.

          1. Brooklynguy did a nice write-up of Puzelat on his blog: