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Mar 29, 2009 09:10 AM

Mediterranean grill

I used to go to mediterranean grill on Macleod across from Chinook mall in Calgary and sadly I found out that it's been replaced by a Czech bar. It had one of the best falafel and lamb kebab dishes around.

Does anyone know if they moved or just closed up their restaurant? I haven't found anything that good that close to my work....Opa just doesn't cut it :(

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  1. just noticed this last weekend as well... it's really too bad as this was the only place in the city that had freshly fried falafel in their sandwiches. not sure if they moved or not, but would be interested in more information about the czech coffee house that has taken its place. do they serve food there?

    1. I noticed this last night when I drove by and it saddens me. They had spectacular falafels, and I loved their hummus and pita!!!!

      1. Gilchrist did a write up about that Czech place in Sunday's Herald; it's called Praga Cafe. Unfortunately there's nothing in the article about the former Mediterranian Grill. According to the article the owners say it will "...combine the best if Tim Hortons and Starbucks with the atmosphere of a Czech coffee house." They apparently have a Kappa on the counter and will be serving Fratello. They've also applied for a liquor license. One of the owners is from Pilsen and they intend to serve Czech beer. Food will be sandwiches, and wraps, with a pastry selection "in development."

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          The best of Tim Horton's and Starbucks. GAG. They're using the crap from Mr Cappuccino (Ottolino), I found out yesterday.

          I guess the fact that most "traditional" European coffeehouses use the most miserable Italian beans available means they have to do the same here...