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Mar 29, 2009 09:00 AM

Falafel King Lately?

Anyone been to falafel king (downtown crossing) since the complimentary soup replaced the free falafel ball in line?
The soup is ok, but I've had inconsisitent wraps and when i got al a carte falafel for a freind to try they were awful. I love the Kings Combo Spicy with Chicken. First few times i got it it was skewered chicken right off the grill, last few times it was scooped from a steam tray, they forgot to add falafel balls once.

oh and yeah the free falafel in line was better than the soup.

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  1. I was just there about a week ago, and I still got a free falafel when I got to the counter. I'm not sure what the soup is all about. I haven't noticed much of a change, at least in the veggie combo platter, which is what I get all the time.

    1. I picked up a couple of combo plates a week ago. I was starving at the time and was very happy with my hummus dipped falafel while I waited for my order.

      The only time I was offered free soup,it was a while ago. Then the owner said he wanted me to try it and let him know if I liked it but he also gave me a falafel in line.