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Falafel King Lately?

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Anyone been to falafel king (downtown crossing) since the complimentary soup replaced the free falafel ball in line?
The soup is ok, but I've had inconsisitent wraps and when i got al a carte falafel for a freind to try they were awful. I love the Kings Combo Spicy with Chicken. First few times i got it it was skewered chicken right off the grill, last few times it was scooped from a steam tray, they forgot to add falafel balls once.

oh and yeah the free falafel in line was better than the soup.

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  1. I was just there about a week ago, and I still got a free falafel when I got to the counter. I'm not sure what the soup is all about. I haven't noticed much of a change, at least in the veggie combo platter, which is what I get all the time.

    1. I picked up a couple of combo plates a week ago. I was starving at the time and was very happy with my hummus dipped falafel while I waited for my order.

      The only time I was offered free soup,it was a while ago. Then the owner said he wanted me to try it and let him know if I liked it but he also gave me a falafel in line.