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Mar 29, 2009 08:49 AM

Near Union Station Recs

We're taking the kids on the train - probably getting off at Union Station.

Walking around Chinatown and Olvera Street is the agenda (unless someone can recommend something else...)

We'll need lunch - Chinatown is out - one kid has a moderate peanut allergy. Other than Philippe's (which is my choice), can anyone recommend something in Olvera St? Spring St. BBQ?


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  1. Sounds like you did your research.
    I'd choose Spring St. BBQ over Phillipes.

    1. On Olvera St. I like La Luz Del Dia for their carnitas.

      1. We ended up walking over to Little Tokyo and went to Chin-Ma-Ya in Weller Ct. I'll have to try Spring St. another time. Thanks for the recs.
        (and I love Carnitas...another time for sure)

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        1. re: lolabelow

          That's a pretty good walk to Little Tokyo.
          I'm pretty familiar with places in Little Tokyo, but never been to Chin-Ma-Ya, how was it ?

          1. re: monku

            It's about a 15 minute walk from Union Station to Little Tokyo. It's not very scenic--over the freeway, by the jail and all that--but it's not bad for decent walkers.

            1. re: redrover

              In a little while you'll be able to transfer to the Gold Line one stop instead of the awful walk.

        2. Homegirl Cafe is a must. Great prices, amazing food, worthy cause.

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          1. re: Jodie

            wholeheartedly second the Homegirl Cafe recommendation.

          2. I like the taquito stand on the northern end of Olvera Street. Cielito, I think it is. Desserts are good in Chinatown...Phoenix Bakery has some tasty treats...and you can ask about non-peanut items.