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Mar 29, 2009 08:44 AM

Antoine's--a wonderful experience

I've been reading a fair amount of negative things about Antoine's here, and, having made reservations for last night, I almost canceled them. We didn't, and I have to day it was a wonderful meal. We ate in the annex--a must I think--and it WAS like eating in a museum (what many have said). I posit that this is a GOOD thing. New Orleans has no many trendy, fusion restaurants, I think the fact that a restaurant is still doing what they've done well from 100+ years is something to be commended. I mean, the wine list has a table of contents! We had wonderful service, really good food (crawfish bisque, followed by tenderloin tips in marchand de vin sauce and chicken Rochembeau. This may not be the most mind-blowing meal you'll have, but it is a wonderful place dedicated to making the food they know and love. It's French Creole food with top items--nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

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