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Mar 29, 2009 08:43 AM

Where to find brunost/gjetost?

I have read a lot online about this Norwegian cheese and I have been dying to taste it (apparently it is very similar to caramel!)
I haven't been able to find it, and neither has my friend who went looking for it around Jean-Talon Market - but we are no cheese experts.

Has anyone seen this mysterious cheese anywhere in Montreal?
Thank you!

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  1. Haven't checked recently but the main Hamel store at JTM has stocked gjetost.

    Memory's vague but am pretty sure La Vieille Europe (3855 St-Laurent, 514 842-5773) has offered it, too.

    Fromagerie du Marché Atwater (514 932-4953) would be another place to check.

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    1. re: carswell

      I'm from Norway. I've bought it at Hamel before. It's even the same brand (Tine) that I'm used to from Norway.

      I can see why not all people like it. Sweet cheese is probably bit of an acquired taste.

      If you do like it, try it on pancakes or waffles. Delicious!

    2. We were there last weekend and I saw a small block in Formagerie Du Marche Atwater, Down stairs and to your left in the refrigerated case. If you have never tried it before, I would urge you to get the smallest block and go from there or I would be happy to deliver the 1/4 kilo I still have that My brother brought back for me from Norway. As you can guess I am not much of a fan.

      1. The SnowQueen brand is the most popular, and it is always at Fromagerie Atwater.

        Our resident office Norwegian brought (smuggled) back some from Norway that was much better. It actually really shines when served atop a Raisin Bagel. Don't ask, just try it.

        However, although passable, the best is home made.... Yes, home made... It is very easy to make, it just takes time. Gjetost is whey cheese... So, if you make your own Mozzarella it is not much more complicated than slowly reducing the whey to a thick slurry. It is then put in a cheese cloth and left to set for a few days... Absolutely amazing.

        1. Thanks a lot to everyone! I'll buy a small block and see how I like it.

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          1. re: nonpareils

            please do report back. I too was drawn to the caramel comparison but honestly it did not taste like caramel to me.... I suppose I was expecting something, well, sweeter, which it is not. The taste was not for me - I couldn't even choke the thing down. Probably mostly due to palate shock :)

            hope your experience is more pleasant!

          2. I have this cheese every Christmas (Norwegian family) but I celebrate Christmas in the great central wasteland (Manitoba) and thus don't know where it can be found here. Two things about it:

            1) It's the texture more than anything which is neat about it... well, not so much the texture... it's hard to describe. It is almost tanic or something similar like that. It makes your mouth pucker with a certain type of sourness. It's hard to describe. I would not say that it is similar to caramel though.

            2) It's getting more and more expensive every year. I think the price has doubled in the past few years. So says my Lutifisk loving Dad.