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Mar 29, 2009 08:34 AM

Vietnamese Cookbook

I missed the month that Hot Sour Salty Sweet was the COTM. If I were to add a Vietnamese cookbook to my collection, which would be the best? Into the Vietnamese Kitchen? Hot Sour Salty Sweet? Other? Jane

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  1. Last September we had wonderful success with "Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table" by Mai Pham. Those who participating in the COTM that month had two books to cook from. The one by Mai Pham and "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen by Andrea Nguyen." Here's a link to the Post Mortem discussion:
    And, within that link are other links to the various reports we made on the recipes we cooked. Many folks favored Pham over Nguyen both we did make dishes from both books. Good Luck on your decision.

    1. Intoi The Vietnamese Kitchen is excellent, I made the stuffed squid with lime ginger dipping sauce last week and the stir fried beef with cauliflower. DH said it was the best use of cauliflower ever. I do like the Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table and Corrine Trang's Authentic Vietnamese Cooking as well as her Essentials of Asian Cooking.

      1. I just remembered a wonderful book a friend of mine gave me last year....If you can find it, "The Complete Asian Cookbook" by Charmaine Soloman. She covers 15 Asian countries from pantry, to techniques, to recipes. It's an astounding compendium of recipes, many of which I used in addition to the COTMs. Here's a link to her web site with a few recipes:
        And a link to Amazon:

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          That is indeed a swell book. It's been out since the late 70s and I have used it ever since (have the old edition).

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            That's the edition I have also, Buttertart...a first edition. My friend bought it at a yard sale! I imagine she must have paid all of 1.00$ for it. It was in mint condition till I got my hands on it. In fact tonight I'm going to make the Vietnamese stir fried mixed vegetables.

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              The Cambodian recipes are very good, and it's a underrepresented cuisine in terms of available cookbooks. Damn I wish there were Cambodian restaurants worth going to in NYC!!!

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