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Mar 29, 2009 08:05 AM

Vegetarian-friendly recs?

Hi. I'm going to NOLA with a friend who is vegetarian. But I am a pretty serious meat eater. Any recs that will satisfy both of us and is very typical NOLA?

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  1. If you go somewhere for po'boys, like Parkway or Mahoney's, many po-boy shops offer a French fry po'boy that your friend could enjoy [minus the gravy, of course].

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      Thanks! I've also been reading that Bennahcin is really good and has some great veg options. Not typical NOLA fare, but unique in its own right.

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        So, french fry poboy minus the gravy leaves fries and bread...I'm not sure that would be enjoyable.

        I noticed last night at Baru that they do vegetarian dishes upon request. Not local fare, but it's an option.

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          Mahoney's has nice fried green tomatoes with good spicy remoulade. Bennachin was OK, the descriptions were better than the food. Surrey's is awesome, worth a trip over there just for that - the grits are heavenly and they have loads of vegetarian (and meat) stuff. Nice salads and breakfast stuff at Stanley. Thank you.

        2. Dante's Kitchen has an entree of local vegetables and carrot/ginger soup appetizer along with good meat dishes.

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            Lebanon or Babylon cafe....Grape leaves, yum!

          2. Cafe Bamboo is a vegetarian restaurant on Esplanade Ave. with a focus on interpretations of traditional NOLA dishes and some more standard vegetarian fare.

            1. Most high-end places are accomodating of vegetarians if you give them advance notice. August said they would do a vegetarian tasting. Stella and Bayona both will make vegetarian items. Herbsaint prepared an AMAZING 4 course vegetarian menu.

              1. If you're looking for a breakfast place at any point, I'd recommend Surrey's on Magazine St.