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Mar 29, 2009 07:28 AM

Really good weekday lunch in or near Baltimore

Can anyone recommend a really good restaurant for weekday lunch in or near Baltimore? For the past 20 years or so when visiting, the best we've enjoyed is the Black Olive and would recommend it to others. We've been there many times. But we would like to try another with similar nice surroundings and similar good food. (No, it doesn't have to be Greek or even seafood.) Unfortunately, others recommended are only open evenings. Any suggestions?

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  1. On a sunny day I enjoy eating lunch at Cinghiale, right on the water in the Harbor East neighborhood. And they have valet parking.

    822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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      Woodberry Kitchen is excellent. 2010 Clipper Park Road.
      The Wine Market ... 921 E. Fort Ave. @ Lawrence.
      I also agree with bordeauxfan... good choice also.

    2. Petit Louie has a nice three course lunch option. I was salivating over the menu last week when a friend told me he was going.

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        I also really like Petit Louis lunch. Here's their lunch menu:

        Big rec.

      2. Have you had lunch at Samos?
        or Ikaros in Greektown?
        How about Attmans for a corned beef sandwich??
        Ryleighs in Cross Street market area is also very good.
        Gia's in Little Italy makes a great Italian Beef sandwich for lunch.
        Woodberry Kitchen has been mentioned...
        Mama's on the Half Shelf for seafood in the Canton area
        Helens Garden also in Canton

        1. Cinghiale and Woodberry are NOT open for lunch.

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            Petit Louis is the Best!! have the croque monsieur with pommes frites. or onion soup. or both. either way, you must must go.

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              I second Petit Louis, and, as previously mentioned, they have a three course Prix Fixe for $20. French onion soup (extra charge), Salmon & Greens, Chocolate Mousse - Each bite was magical.

              I have had mostly good experiences at Sammy's Trattoria, always decent experiences at Thai Landing, and really enjoy Dukem for ethiopian. Aloha Sushi is one of our favorites because of the Aloha Roll and the $1 sushi. Also, a nice touch, they serve complimentary miso soup and small salad. The quality varies depending upon the sushi chef.