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Mar 29, 2009 06:37 AM

Are dinner reservations needed for FQ Festival?

We are heading to FQ Festival and have made 2 dinner reservations for a 4 night stay so far. We were thinking of not making reservations for the other 2 nights and kind of "fly by the seat of our pants" since there are 8 of us and it's hard to know ahead of time who wants to do what. We haven't been to a NO festival post K, and don't know about the popularity/crowd factor these days. Are we making a big mistake in not securing a reservation for the other 2 evenings? So far the whole group is reserved for Delmonico's and a sub group of us are reserved for August. Any insight would be much appreciated!

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  1. I think if you know where you want to eat, it can't hurt to make a reservation.

    Having said that, take into consideration that on Friday and Saturday the music doesn't end until 9:00, which might make it a little difficult to get pulled together after a day of 'festival-ing' and get to a nicer restaurant before the kitchen closes. Unless of course you bail early from the Festival....

    We've made reservations for Thursday night and some for Sunday night; I figure we'll just wing it on Fri/Sat.

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      Thanks...I was thinking the same thing...we made reservations for Thurs and Saturday, but I don't know how full, tipsy or tired we will be on Friday and was thinking that a reservation might be too much to deal with. I'm also banking on Sunday not being as hard to score a table. I hope this year's FQ festival will be a blast...we haven't gone to the festival since 2004.