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Mar 28, 2009 11:03 PM

Westside Tavern

Has anyone tried Westside Tavern yet?

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  1. Saw the menu linked from Eater LA...I must say the prices look absolutely out of touch.

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    1. re: ronnie_gaucho

      I think they are going to be in for a shock. I often go to the Landmark and was hoping for a place to grab a quick bite. I don't know if people will pay those prices ($14 for a burger?). Maybe they have higher aspirations, but I think most people will be coming from the theatre (which is always very busy) and will probably be wanting something a little more casual.

      1. re: bsquared2

        I totally agree with your assessment. Might end up trying it sooner or later when I'm at the Landmark.

    2. Tried it tonite, thanks for your post which prompted me to know that it had opened finally.

      I disagree that the prices are out of touch - entrees are priced at the $20 mark and I thought they were as satisfying as many other restaurants' 30$ plus entrees. The grilled salmon with asparagus got raves and was priced at $21. The $14 hamburger looked pretty good but can't vouch for the taste - the home made potato chips were pretty good though, not overly seasoned but perfectly light and crisp

      Also, the restaurant itself is ultra casual so that is not an issue for the movie crowd. Seems like depending on how your order you can get in and out pretty quick also.

      Here's what we sampled:

      Aritchoke Gratin - edible but a little bland - good chunks of artichoke baked with butter/cheese

      Macaroni and cheese - outstanding, with nice texture to the macaroni and made with quality cheese

      Caesar salad - a respectable version with ultra crispy croutons, those "can't go wrong" parmesan crisps, and a nice mild dressing

      Flat iron steak w Bearnaise - not the greatest steak but the fries were good

      Short Rib Roast - melt in your mouth beef, a little fatty, okay a lot fatty, but with amazing little carrots and irresistible buttery mashed potatoes

      The above-mentioned salmon - didn't taste it but it got raves

      Crispy brussel sprouts - as described, crispy, cooked with enough butter to transform anyone's idea of brussel sprouts

      Green beans with almonds and a burrata cheese (i think) - solid rendition of the vegetable with good flavor

      toffee cake - really good

      apple pie - unbelievably large portion, good for 3 to 4 people easy and declared one of the best pies by most at the table - a little sweet for me but the portion size at 9$ was quite amazing

      the bill for 6 was $222 w/o tip - service was solid, a little awkward because the table was small for the amount of food coming out

      also tried the petite syrah by the glass which was very good and a blackberry julep which came in a metal mug piled high with perfect crushed ice

      i look forward to trying some of the other menu items which include a couple of pastas, fish specials, and a pork chop which was not available when we went

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      1. re: paulfromla

        II've actually been anxious for this place to open. The price doesn't sound too terrible for the amount of food, but it sounds like a fair amount of it was just okay. It also sounds really similar to Nook's menu, which is very nearby. If you've tried Nook, how would you compare the two? Thanks!

        1. re: mollyomormon

          Wow, yes, that is an interesting comparison. I haven't been to Nook in a while but it seems like a lot of the menu items and prices are probably comparable. I liked the food and just the whole vibe at Nook and remember thinking that they were really trying to do something good with their food. At Westside Tavern it did feel a little like they're trying to make money which is of course the goal of a restaurant ultimately. But I do think the goals of Westside Tavern are different from Nook - it's vastly bigger first of all and it's called "tavern" for a reason and I think ultimately the liquor's going to be one of the big draws. I won't be surprised if someone refers to the place as having really good bar food. If I was choosing between the two, I would go for Westside Tavern, especially if i was with a larger group, because it's bigger and seemed like it had a broader range of choices. (Also it's closer to me than Nook!)

        2. re: paulfromla

          Thanks for the review Paul! I was afraid this lot was abandoned due to lack of funding or something at the last minute because it took so dang long to open. I love me a good mac & cheese so I'll have to try it out!

          While I also believe the prices are a bit on the steep side than expected, they can probably charge more than your usual establishment because the crowd that the Landmark draws tend to be more "highbrow."