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Mar 28, 2009 08:01 PM

best vegetarian restaurant in minneapolis-stpaul??


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  1. Mark- You could probably fit all the vegetarian restaurants (exclusively vegetarian) in the
    Twin Cities on one finger- Ecopolitan. Unless you are willing to include places that aren't
    strictly vegetarian. Please be more specific. Thanks.

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    1. re: faith

      Hold on there - The Vegetarian? Namaste? The new Delights of India?

      I totally miss The Mud Pie if only for the sesame peanuty raisony (date?) ball dessert. And REALLY good veggie burgers. Sigh.

    2. Hard Times is also completely vegetarian. Along those lines, there's also Seward Cafe. And Tao Natural Foods.

      Nalapak used to be all-veg, not sure if they still are. Places that serve meat but are very accomodating to vegetarians---Luce, Evergreen, Jasmine Deli (or 26), Tanpopo, Triple Rock, Common Roots, I could go on and on.

      These are all pretty basic. What's your criteria?

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      1. re: sweepnmop

        My wife was a vegetarian when we first moved here. There are few exclusively vegetarian restaurants in town, but she found that most places were very accommodating or had good vegetarian selections on their menus. She really liked the mock duck that is in heavy use around town.

        1. re: Jordan

          I stand corrected on Seward Cafe, I am remembering a previous era that included
          burgers on their menu. Namaste is not all veg, and neither is Tao Foods. I could have
          sworn I ate at Nalapak and saw chicken dishes but I see now they are calling themselves 'Pure Vegetarian'. Our OP seems to have disappeared but the thread
          goes on...

          1. re: faith

            I haven't been to Tao Foods in years, but I'll never forget how amazing the Tempeh sandwich with avocado is. I'd been a vegetarian for 15 years when I tried it but had never had Tempeh before. Man, it was so good. Anyone know how the place is doing? Anything else that is memorable on the menu?

      2. I have never been disappointed with anything I've gotten at the Hard Times Cafe. Everything is strictly vegetarian, and almost everything can be made vegan upon request. Plus, imo, they have the best 75-cent coffee around. Of course, you have to like dirty punk kids and loud music with your food.

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        1. re: normativestructures

          Actually thats how I prefer my food.....

          1. re: rozz01

            then also consider a meal at triple rock. though this punk-rock bar's menu has more meat than vegan/vegetarian options, the heavily facial pierced and tattooed head cook is vegan and her veg options are great. i recommend the "non pork-o-rama" with delicious (i promise!) vegan sausage for brunch.

            note on the 75 cent coffee at hard times. it's also the *strongest* coffee in town-- legions of cab drivers and tweaked out street chess champions can't be wrong. drink that cup slowly and check your heart rate before purchasing a refill :)

            if veg-friendly, rather than exclusively veg, restaurants are in play, almost everything in uptown is a good candidate. nobody's mentioned birchwood yet, & how about bravo! bakery in st. paul.

            the best veg *meal* in town is probably the flora tasting menu at heartland-- call lenny russo ahead of time if you are vegan or have other restrictions.