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Mar 28, 2009 07:18 PM

Pepe's in Mancherster CT?

I really enjoy the clam pizza at Pepe's in New Haven. Can anyone tell me if the one in Manchester is worthy?

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    1. re: howaboutthat

      Some people were saying in another thread that they gave up on the Manchester location because it wasn't as worthy as the others......

      1. re: no0b

        That's good for the rest of us, I suppose. No restaurant is perfect, but we have had terrific pizzas at the Manchester Pepe's, including the white clam pie (and we are very familiar with the New Haven pizzerias).

    2. I always felt that Pepe's strong point was their clam pie - not their red sauced pizzas. The same holds true for their Manchester location. I fancy myself learned in the NH pizza scene being a native from the area. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between a Pepe's Manchester pizza and a Pepe's New Haven pizza.

      However, I am a Modern Pizza kind of girl. Now if they would only open a place in the Hartford area.

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      1. re: mels

        I would agree.......i am also also a New Haven area native and feel that the pizzas in manchester are of equal quality to their New Haven brethren!

        1. re: mels

          Add me to the list. Been to the New Haven location over 100 times. Been to Manchester about 10. No discernable difference except in Manchester, the servers are younger and nicer.

        2. I think Pepe's is better when I eat at Harry's Bishops Corner and Harry's when I eat at Pepe's