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Mar 28, 2009 06:48 PM

Keste Pizza on Bleecker

Excellent new spot on Bleecker Street near Cornelia. It's across the street from John's Pizza, but thousands of miles away in pizza terms.

Supposedly authentic Neapolitan pizza, wood burning oven, pizzaiola from Italy. All i know is the dough reminded me of Da Michele in Naples (fairly soft with a nice little char), but the sauce at Keste was much tastier and the cheese was excellent. This was not gloppy New York "cheese", this was just the right amount of really good mozzarella.

We only tried the Margherita, but there was a lot of "interesting" stuff coming out as well...Lardo pizza, Pizza with prosciutto on top, etc. So despite the Neapolitan credentials, oven and dough, the range of toppings is more New York than Naples. And a far cry from Da Michele's two choices (Margherita or marinara).

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  1. Walked by Friday to take a look and ended up being treated to a delicious Mahgarita pizza and other tasty samples, GREAT!!!

    1. How does it compare to Una Pizza Napoletana?

      Do you know the business hours?

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        I stopped in yesterday, but did not eat. For the time being, they are opening at 4 p.m., but they are planning to start serving lunch in the not-too-distant future.

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          If you are one of the people who understand UPN,then i'm sure you'll get this.It is similar in size but with a more extensive menu.It's Neapolitan with no's made to be eaten with a knife and fork,and NOT by the slice,so don't complain when everything slides off if you try.There are over twenty or so varieties available and all seem very well priced ($9 Marinara,$12 Margherita if I remember rght ?) I believe it's BYO at the moment as they are waiting on a beer & wine licence.I think the opening times are from midday to about 11pm?

        2. Thanks for the review. I am excited to give it a try.

          Da Michele notwithstanding, many if not most pizzerias in Naples offer a wide variety of pies like Keste does. Things like lardo pizzas (and other varieties) probably have a much longer history in Naples than the relatively recent margherita (tomato, mozz, basil) style.

          Probably the real indicator of an authentic Naples pie is the softer, puffer crust that you describe. Alhough (until recently at least) New Yorkers have tended to prefer a crispier crust of the "New York style" pizza.

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            1. Went last night. Spectacular. Spoke to Roberto and his partner, both natives of Napoli. Was afraid they'd be the "Vera Pizza" police but they just really cared about the ingredients and the service. They had sampled virtually every pizzeria I could name including NY icons like Patsy's, Grimaldi's, DiFara's and John's across the street. They also obviously thought about their suppliers-not only the imported ingredients but locally they count DiPalo's and Biellese among their sources. I've always joked that if I could ever get Anthony at Una Pizza Napoletana to put sausage on his pizza, I'd never go anywhere else for authentic Neopolitan style pizza. Well, Keste beat him to the punch (and get their sausage across the street at Faicco's, no less)! A welcome addition to my beloved Bleecker Street. Bravo and grazie mille.

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                Funny. I went last night, too. I also liked it a lot, and would be happy to return. The service was quite professional given that they've been open for only a week. No kinks.

                Very good Neapolitan-style pizza and, yes, I like the fact that one can order more than just four simple variations. We tried the Margherita Ripena and the Prosciutto e Arugula. Both wee very tasty. Excellent crust.

                However, I still have to give the nod to Una Pizzeria Napoletana. Despite the shortage of choices, still a better pie. Has the salt ratio just right on the crust and a slightly more nuanced tomato flavor (for those pies with tomato).

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                  Is this a sit-down place or takeout only?

                  1. re: AndyDoodle

                    Sit-down. Though, of course, they do take-out, too,

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                      This kind of pizza is soft ,quite moist and should ideally be consumed the minute it comes out of the oven.It will only suffer by being boxed and delayed.From my experience in Italy people generally don't wait untill everyone is served before starting to eat Pizza,such is the desire to consume it at it's best !