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Mar 28, 2009 05:37 PM

12 Bones-A 2nd Visit

I had only been to 12 Bones once before, and I found the visit less than stellar. However, my husband and I visited the south location for lunch today, and I have to say, my second visit was much better. I had the famously touted blueberry chipotle ribs, and while not quite as moist as I like, the flavor was really good. I also had the green beans and the "damn good corn pudding." It was damn good, as were the beans, but I just got so full that I couldn't finish my plate. All in all, I'd say it was a very satisfying lunch, but, being from the Triangle area originally, I can't agree with all the opinions that they have the best BBQ in the state.

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  1. who said they have the best 'Q in the state??? I agree its good, but its not even the best 'Q in the county, much less the state.

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      Who do you think has the best Q in Buncombe County? I really like Luella's for the pulled pork, and I've also had some very good pulled pork at Ed Boudreaux's, which kind of surprised me. Haven't yet been to Okie Dokie's, but I hear it's good.

      1. re: stephw1

        Okie Dokies gets my vote, Boudreaux's can be really good, but at times (not very often) you get a bad plate.Havent had Luella's though.

        1. re: Spreadhead

          I agree with you. Okie Dokie's for pulled pork. I haven't had their ribs yet as I'm usually there at lunchtime. Luella's is meh. I wasn't very impressed with their food. 12 Bones for ribs and great sides.

          So, has anyone tried Phil's BBQ in Black Mountain? I think that's the one I keep hearing advertised on the radio. Been meaning to get out there.

          1. re: Leepa

            Havent tried it, but would love to hear some reviews.

          2. re: Spreadhead

            Spreadhead, I was driving back into town today on I-26 and decided to swing in to the Arden area and have an early dinner at Luella's. Afterwards, I still have the same opinion, more or less, that I did before. Their chopped pork is okay. Not wonderful. The sides I had were alright, but didn't send me over the edge. The mac and cheese tasted too much of bechamel. Not enough cheesy flavor for me. It wouldn't have taken much more to really make this a good dish. The texture on the pasta was good, though. The fried okra was good and cooked especially for my order, which I noticed all their fried items are. This is good. Hush puppies are good. I had a deviled egg added to my order and it could have been seasoned a bit more. It was kind of dull.

            I still think Okie Dokie's has the best pulled pork in the area. But I haven't tried Phil's yet.....

            1. re: Leepa

              I think Phil's is just okay although the staff was very nice.

          3. re: stephw1

            Okie Dokies for sure! I really like their fried pickles too.

            1. re: Sombra

              I like Luellas and saw on this board that they were moving to the old Gusmos space on Merrimon. Good new for the neighborhood.

          1. re:

            It's on US 70 in Swannanona. On the right after exit 59 off I-40.

            Luellas is not on par with 12 Bones, IMO, but it is not bad....actually, it's pretty darn good...and I think will be a welcome addition to N Asheville. Although my husband prefers pork, at Luella's he opts for the brisket and loves it.

            And Spreadhead, the owner of Luella's is a Panic fan and held and album release party for Free Somehow. :)