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Mar 28, 2009 05:27 PM

drive from L.A. to Phoenix. Lunch?

Where should I stop for lunch on my drive from L.A. to Phoenix. I've never done the drive before, so I have no idea. We eat anything, so all suggestions welcome.

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  1. Here are a couple of recent threads on this topic:

    There's nothing of note between the state line and Phx metro area. For more suggestions for stops between L.A. and the Colorado River, you can try asking the folks on the California board.

    1. When Hohokam says there's nothing, believe it. Once you leave Blythe, where there is a Starbucks and a limited selection of fast food franchises, I'm not sure you'll find a McDonalds until you reach the Phoenix metro area.

      1. Pack a lunch. There is zero, zip nada worthwhile between LA and Phx.

        1. We always stop at Macarios' in Indio which is right off the 10 freeway. It's a small family restaurant that has the best Mexican food we've found. We are from Santa Monica but moved to Tempe about five years ago and we always stop there even if it's to get take-out to bring home. I don't remember the off-ramp but the address is 80733 Indio Blvd., tel. 760-342-5649. On Sundays they make barbacoa and it's awesome.