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Mar 28, 2009 05:16 PM

Vietnamese Subs

Does anyone have a "favourite" Viet sub place? There are so many scattered around, but I want authentic ingredients,in a fairly clean establishment. Thanks!

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  1. yes, i definitely do and that place is baile on mackay across from the concordia hall building. they bake their baguettes fresh and when it's available, have the best three color drink!

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    1. re: celfie

      I had a big brunch at home and I'm contemplating trying baile today. Thanks for the recommend!

      1. re: bigfellow

        That place is wonderful although I find the service has been slipping in the past year... Food still as yummy and decently priced as always though.

        AND - Just so you know it's Ba-Le, not Baile

        1. re: immaterialgirl

          I'm irish, hence the gailisised spelling.

      2. re: celfie

        i ordered the vegetarian spring rolls today and pulled out a big piece of raw chicken. the woman at the counter told me it was tofu(was not) then asked me why i was so upset since i wasn't a vegetarian(i had also ordered wonton soup) and could eat meat, right? will not be going back.

        1. i usually get my fix from the Hoang Oanh on St-Denis and Jean-Talon...fresh ingredients and very clean.

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          1. re: hungryann

            I also regularly get my sandwiches from Hoang Oanh. Delicious and ridiculously inexpensive.

            1. re: Harrisonb

              I agree, their subs are great, and they have a nice variety of options including grilled chicken and vegetarian with their own homemade fake meat (seitan).

              1. re: chililala

                Oh, I've never tried the vegetarian one - will also tell vegetarian friends who live around here.

                There have been a few discussions about banh mi.

                1. re: lagatta

                  The veggie one is my favourite, the seitan is super-tasty. The veggie sub at Baile is also quite good, but it's not fake meat, I think it's more of a blend of veggies and tofu...

            2. re: hungryann

              same here. Hoang Oanh is delicious and cheap.

              1. re: alixium

                I actually don't like Hoang Oanh (St-Laurent location). The place smells of farts. It's probably the smell of daikon, I think, but it's really off-putting.

                1. re: Delmare

                  Have you tried the Villeray branch? No, don't come up here just for that, but next time you go to Jean-Talon Market - it is very close. No farty smell, and they have always made my sandwich in front of me.

                2. re: alixium

                  Also I'm used to having the option to put a little Sriracha on my sandwich. Pre-made sandwiches and no Sriracha option offend me.

                  1. re: Delmare

                    Sriracha is good, but they do offer to put in little slices of bird chilies, which certainly spice it up...

              2. I tried starting a discussion about this some time ago to no success, but you can still check out my reviews.


                1. Thanks all fellow chowers! This week Hoang Oanh will get a little visit from yours truly. I'll get a variey and let you know which ones thrill me. I'm looking forward to it!

                  1. I went to Cao Thang yesterday. One thing that annoys me about some Vietnamese sub places is how surly the staff can be if you try to customize your order in any way. You can't have it "your way."

                    A nice lunch though.

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                    1. re: Delmare

                      Another visit to Cao Thang today and it will be my last. The man behind the counter is unbelievably rude. I don't give money to people who haven't learned the basics of human interaction.

                      1. re: Delmare

                        Well Cao Thang has always been my Banh Mi place in Chinatown, but I haven't been in awhile. What's the best alternative for a Bahn Mi in Chinatown?

                        1. re: sweettoothMTL

                          Just go across the street and brave the smell of daikon. The girls working there are really sweet people and the sandwiches are really every bit as good.

                          1. re: Delmare

                            Just came back from a lunch at Hoang Oanh. I must say, it's a good alternative to Cao Thang. The Hoang Oanh subs are more generous with the filling, and filling is tastier than accross the street. The bread is drier however, but at least it break easily when you bite down. The only downside, however considerable, is that's my lunch partner's rice pudding dessert had some rot on it. But still, gotta love Banh Mi, the ice cream we had for desert was more expensive than the actual lunch!