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Mar 28, 2009 05:12 PM

Price fixed dinners in Westchester

Where is a nice place to go for price fixed dinners in Mid- upper Westchester during the week

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  1. I went to Vox in North Salem for the first time two weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. They do an awesome steak au poivre. We didn't go with the price fixe, but they do offer one on Wed, Thur and Sundays for $30. Check it out -

    1. I've been to goldfish in Ossining a few times and it has been great. They offer different prix fixe every night except Sat. Friday is $35 for 4 courses, a huge amount of really good food. Thurs night 29.00 3 courses(less options) but amazing food and value. Can't wait to go back again.

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        American Bistro in Tuckahoe has a 21.75 three course dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights.

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          Went there last night. Goodly amount of decent food for the price, and the place was quite crowded. With the food price so low, people were ordering bottles of wine.

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            I noticed that too. I wish them well.

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          I went to Goldfish in Ossining last night (Tuesday) and they had a $15.00 price fixe for a 3 course meal, that includes an appetizer, entree and dessert. I couldn't believe the selection, there were quite a few choices. Very good value for a good meal. They offer the $15.00 deal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
          Also Taormina in Peeskill has a $15.00 price fixe deal and I think they offer that everyday except Saturday. There you get an appetizer (their baby stuffed atrichokes are very good), salad, entree and a glass of wine for $15.00. A great deal.

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            Goldfish also has a $35.00 prix fixe special for Friday nights with live piano entertainment and if you check the Hudson River Buzz magazine that comes in the mail they have a $10.00 of cupon for a check of $50.00 or more and that's good for Thurs/Fri/Sat. (no flames please about cupons).
            Also Casa Rina in Thornwood has a 3 course pre fixe menu for $20.00 and that's good for Sunday thru Wednesday. They also offer on Friday nights a 4 course pre fixe seafood menu for $35.00. They also have cupons available in the Buzz.

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            What's the address for Goldfish in Ossining?

            1. re: Elisa515

              They are located behind the arcadian shopping center in Ossining. You actually go down the road(forget the name) between the shopping center and CVS. Be aware that it looks like a very residential neighborhood, Goldfish has a blue awning on the left side and the parking lot is across the street.

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                6 Rockledge Ave. Was called Dudley's, once upon a time. Ate there back in '91 under that name. After dinner my wife and I took a very pleasant stroll down past the prison, across the road from which you can still see where they used to turn big ones into little ones.

            2. Deer Park Tavern in Katonah also offers a price fix during the week - order by 6:30

              1. Piatto Grill in Yorktown where Miraggio's use to be is offering a 4 course meal everyday except Saturday for $19.95. I thought it was very good.

                1. Pascal's in Larchmont has a $19.95 prix fix Mon-Thurs, also Mama Francesca's.