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Mar 28, 2009 04:45 PM

Detroit metro -- knives sharpened

Need a good place for my good knives --any suggestions?

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  1. i asked the same question about a year ago. the only thing i got was sur la table. i went to their store at partridge creek and took advantage of a "have two knives sharpened for free" promotion. they did an ok job. but i would still like to find a professional sharpening place. i remember, years ago, lakeside had a store that was all about knives and they had a professional sharpening service.

    1. Arbor Vacuum at the corner of Carpenter and Packard in Ann Arbor does the job. I myself use a Chef's Choice 120 electric sharpener. It seems to do the trick. Can't use it for my granton edge carving knife, though. I know purists get the vapors when one mentions an electric sharpener, but I'm no purist. I also know it's about 50 miles from Berkley to Ann Arbor. Maybe call Arbor Vacuum (734-973-2990‎) and see if they can advise you of a place closer to Berkley.

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      1. re: Summerfield

        I've also had good results at this place. One guy, when he finishes, demonstrates his prowess by holding a piece of paper hanging from one hand and slicing it up with the knife in midair. If you ever come to the U-M campus or sports facilities, the original location is within walking distance of those at 1226 Packard.

        1. re: Jim M

          This may be the best bet...can they do it while I wait? If I hear from them with an alternative any closer than A2, I'll post.

          1. re: berkleybabe

            I have gone in there and had them do it while I wait, but it was only two knives. I don't know about a whole set. Phone: (734) 761-3677. For coffee and pastries in the neighborhood, I recommend the Pastry Peddler on Packard just NW of State. I don't know whether they grind or not.

            Gotta be someplace in the OC that will do this.

            1. re: Jim M

              Yeah, you'd think OC would have someplace but i haven't found. The phone # you gave is for Arbor Vacuum? It's different from Summerfield's. I'll try's just two knives for now as well. Thanks, Jim M.

              1. re: berkleybabe

                Those are the two different branches. Either one could work. If you go to Summerfield's branch, you could try Great Lake seafood right next door--probably AA's best Chinese restaurant (although that's not saying much).

      2. I've used John's Cutlery in Chesterfield Township. They do the knives for a lot of the area's restaurants. I took in about 10 old dull knives that had been sitting in a drawer for years, and now they're like new. Best of all they did them while I waited and only charged $2/ea.

        1. Be carefull where you take your knives. Many of the places being suggested here are simply grinding them. That's a great way to destroy your tools if you have a quality knife. Ask if they hand sharpen or grind. Paying some one to grind your knives is silly (IMO). If you have knives you don't mind "sharpening" like this as you can buy a grinder for $25-$50.
          You may want to look around on this web site. There are some guys here that truelly hand sharpen and there is a major difference between a sharp knife and a knife that's been slapped on a grinder. The best bet of course is to buy stones and learn how to use them. It's not that difficult. Korin has a great how to video for about $25.
          Hope this helps. :)

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          1. re: Fritter

            I mail mine out...


            He is a student of Bob Kramer.

            This is a much read article from the New Yorker about Bob Kramer.

            If you want to drool over knives, check out his.

            1. re: JanPrimus

              God I love Kramer knives. That's just cruel putting that up that link! (smirk) For more knife porn you can go to Korin. They sharpen as well.


              1. re: Fritter

                I'm on Bob Kramers waiting list....

                I am wanting the two knives in the Meiji line.

                1. re: JanPrimus

                  Have you seen the Shun Bob Kramers at Sur la Table? They are production, but still very nice. They do not stock them at the Partridge Creek store.


                  1. re: Fritter

                    I did...I thought about it but I want to know mine are the real deal hand made creations of Bob. Something to pass down to my kids.

                    BTW I am drooling heavy over at the Korin link you sent.

                    If I was not laid off right now I would be dropping a few hundred bucks right now.

                    1. re: JanPrimus

                      I have to say those Shun Bob Kramer's are pretty amazing! Apparently they had to have the exact perfect feel in his hand before he would give his approval to the production. That is pretty amazing...

                      1. re: Lolamonkey

                        The Kramer commercial versions appear to be very nice indeed.
                        Here is a shot of an original Vs a Shun. The difference in the damascus cladding is note worthy but the Shun's are 1/3 the price and you can actually get one.

          2. Holywood Market - Maple rd. Troy, sharpens knives for free on Tuesdays. They have to be in a box not a bag (reduce push through cuts) and since it's free and weekly they politely suggest just a few at a time. I normally take four when I go. Good meat store as well. Remember to put your name on the box ( I use a shoe box).