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Mar 28, 2009 03:47 PM

Anselmo's Pizza in Red Hook

Last night Anselmo's opened it doors on Van Brunt St. in Red Hook. We had the great pleasure of sampling a fresh pie from their coal fired oven.

It was literally the best pizza I've ever eaten. Crispy, slightly chewy crust with just the right amount of charring; creamy fresh mozzarella, and fresh, bright lemony sauce, accompanied by the graciousness of a family business.

Luckily, it's only a couple of blocks away, but I would definitely travel for this pie .

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  1. Does the pizzeria have a parking lot? Or is it regular old street parking?

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    1. re: pizmet

      It's regular old street parking, Red Hook style: free and plentiful...

    2. We went last night and the place definitely has potential BUT our two pies were unevenly cooked to an alarming degree--the crust on one side of the pie was burned, the other underdone. There wasn't really one slice that was done properly. The dough was a bit on the thick side. Also, I can't understand why sausage isn't listed as a regular topping. We lucked out in that it was on "special" last night but still. (Also, the special pie, that featured sausage, also featured cilantro. What's up with that?)

      I liked the feel of the room and everybody was very friendly. When we showed the guy in charge the bottom of our pie, I thought he was going to pull out a sword and run himself through he was so ashamed. Nice touch!

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        I've ordered twice. Both times the bottoms were burned black. Inedible. Plus they used so much oil that the dough (which is actually thin and very nice) was fried. The sauce was fresh. The cheese very good. But unless they get handle on heat control, I don't imagine them drawing much traffic from outside the neighborhood, and since they don't sell slices, I have to wonder how many of the locals will be eager to commit to whole pies....

      2. This sounds promising, despite the questionable offering of brie as a topping.

        How does it compare to Lucali's and DiFara? Is it BYOB?

        I'll try to check it out this weekend and report back!

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          No alcohol is allowed on premises for the moment (no BYOB). They say they expect to be serving wine and beer in a couple weeks. For now just soft drinks in paper cups.

          Pizza is good, crust is light. I found the crust to be nicely cooked the night I went. Good ingredients. Large pie is still pretty small. I could easily eat one myself. But it is $14 (compared to Lucali's $24), and toppings are like $1 or so each (whereas Lucali is like $4 a topping).

          Nowhere in Lucali's league. I wouldn't call it a destination place. At the moment it is a pleasant sit down pizza. So if you are in the nabe or nearby, it is well worth a try.

        2. Hm. Am surprised at the low marks this place is getting. I am much closer to the original poster's opinion. I went for lunch as they just opened last Saturday and it was fantastic. Light crust, right amount of char, tasty garlicky sauce, good cheese, generous topping of wild mushrooms. I didn't want to post a rave because I didn't want it to be overcrowded next time I go... but I say, go!

          (the paper plates and cups are a bummer, though. And brie is definitely odd.)

          1. We dropped by tonight. Overall: ok.

            Very friendly proprietors, but the service is a little off. It's all paper plates and cups and the kind of silverware that bends like a Uri Geller trick when you just try to use it. I don't expect stellar service at a pizza place, but this was extremely casual.

            The pizza was good. It was much MUCH better than your average corner joint. Good sauce, thin crust, real mozzarella. Unfortunately, the crust was a bit soggy and extremely salty, almost like someone had spilled the salt shaker on the pizza-making surface.

            Prices are cheap, but the pizza isn't very filling. My husband and I got a large pie AND a small pie and still left a little bit hungry. We usually get our fill with a single pie at Lucalli. Also, there's no wine or beer served, but they won't allow you to BYO, which I understand is the law, but it's not common practice and I found it annoying.

            I'll go back, but only because it's so hard to get into Lucalli's these days.

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            1. re: oolah

              Went by tonight and agree with oolah- it was okay.
              We ordered a regular pizza with mushrooms, which was very good, but we also got a white pizza which was really lacking in flavor and was burned on the bottom. Nothing was too exciting, but it's nice to have a new place in the neighborhood. Also, the people working there were lovely.