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Mar 28, 2009 03:09 PM

Eeee! It's 6PM, no idea what to make for dinner (stew beef)

I got out stew beef. I didn't really plan out what I was going to make ahead. I know that it really SHOULD be stewed, but we don't care too much about tough meat. So it's not such a huge problem. I make chili with stew beef all the time that only cooks about an hour before we eat it. It's fine for us.

I suppose I COULD go ahead and make chili... just doesn't sound good to me. Frankly, I'd be happy to eat it raw or marinated with olive oil and lemon juice if it were just me. ;D But I have the husband to feed, too. HE doesn't like raw meat. :)

So, just something creative, or comfortable, or just... ideas.

Assume a well-stocked pantry/spice cupboard with a lot of ethnic options.

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  1. grind it and make a good cheeseburger

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      Burger is a good idea. Or you could make a beef vindaloo instead of pork. I always use the Mark Bittman recipe which you can find here:

    2. Morganna, any chance you own a pressure cooker? I think you'll be "saved" by one at this time of the day.

      1. Slice thin and make a curry.

        Sear, slice thin, marinade for a Thai beef salad

        Roughly chop, blanch for a minute, and make laab

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Or, slice thin and stir fry, possibly using curry spices in the sauce.

          One of the mainstays of my college days kitchen was ultra-cheapo cuts of beek chuck that I'd put in the freezer for an hour so I could slice it thin against the grain. Fried with a lot of garlic in my trusty wok. From there I had a repetroire of different sauces. Just thinking about it gets me wondering why I haven't done that in, oh, about 20 years? I think I need to buy a nice wok and re-learn those old chops.

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            LOL, I was just going to ask the same pressure cooker has helped me out of jams such as hers a few times...garlic lamb shanks in 30 minutes, a thing of beauty!

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              Add me to the pressure cooker recommendation.
              My ace in the hole on many an occasion!

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              I'm pathetic. Every time I tried to post this, it errored out, so I thought it didn't get posted! :) I ended up just making chili afterall. Though yeah, I do have a pressure cooker. :) I'm saving this thread for the future, though!

              Thanks everyone!

            3. Cut up the cubes to a bit smaller pieces and add it to a pot with some oil, onions and mushrooms in you have them, garlic and brown, add some beef broth and herbs and put in the oven at 400 for 30-40 minutes. Top slices of grilled Italian bread with some melted cheese, gruyere, provolone or even monterey, anything you have on hand. Fontina is great too. A simple easy dinner. You can always serve over rice of butter noodles or any pasta. You can also add some fresh diced tomatoes I would prefer, but canned diced also would work. And easy dish but very hearty too.