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Mar 28, 2009 03:01 PM

Jackson/Teton Village, WY

We will be staying in Teton Village for one week in June. After some preliminary research, the following restaurants have been recommended to me. I would appreciate some chowhound input on these or any other good places. Not only fine dining, but casual, less expensive spots as well. Thanks chowhounds!

Snake River Grill, Il Villagio Osteria, Rendevous Bistro, Couloir, Nani's Cucina Italiana, Mangy Moose, Westbank Grill, Stiegler's

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  1. have eaten only at the Snake River Grill and Rendezvous Bistro and can recommend both. was there last summer....

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        My pleasure. Although both places are recommendable, they do have a different atmosphere - SRG more tony, Bistro louder yet still Jackson-Hole-tony.

        Be sure to post your impressions after your trip!


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      1. Definitely hit Rendezvous Bistro. It was by far the best meal of our trip. A reservation is a must. The service and the food were both excellent. It was recommended to us by every local that we asked and we were very glad that we took their advice.

        1. You'd probably get a lot more responses with this in the Southwest board which covers WY.

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            I don't really get that, but I'll give it a try. thanks.

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              Well it's easy, look up the SW board and the states covered are listed and Wyoming is
              one of them. This happens alot where people put requests on this board.

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                Wouldn't consider WY as part of the southwest, but I do see it included there. Thanks.