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Mar 28, 2009 02:09 PM

Bachelorette Party Dinner in Gramercy Park Area

Hello, I'm the MOH for my best friend and am in charge of planning our night out in NYC.....BUT, I don't know ANYTHING about the city.....I've also gotten a LOT of bad advice from supposed "city people" So, I figured I'd come to the experts.....(that would be you :)

so, I've lined up a number of activities that I "hope" will work out, but I'm desperately in need of advice on dinner!!

Atmosphere: I'm looking for someplace that is fun, and funky, AND that has good food that can accommodate approx 20 girls (wearing blue wigs) in the Gramercy Park area (private room a bonus, but not required)....

Location.....we'll be taking pole dancing lessons at 114 E. 28th St and having drinks afterwards at Flute (40 E 20th St # 1).....we're ending at Hogs and Heifers (meatpacking district) but I need a dinner place (preferably within walking distance to Flute OR near Hogs and Heifers) I want to minimize the # of cab rides we'll need to take....

Price - I'm thinking middle of the road......I don't want super cheap, but I also don't want to send all the girls to the poor house before we even get the night started :)


(I'm also open to comments on the stuff I already have planned) But I REALLY need dinner help ASAP!!

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  1. I would def try Pastis if you can get a res. at the big table. Other choices could be Spice Market or Son Cubano.

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    1. re: malibu

      Pastis strikes me as a great idea. Very good food and fine cocktails.

      FFP, what kind of bad advice have you gotten? Any of it food-oriented?

    2. is pop burger too informal? somewhere between 14th and 20s should be possible on the west-ish side . . . thinking thinking . . .

      1. Thanks for the recommendations!

        Pan, I had seen some negative reviews on Pastis, unfounded? Unfortunately I've gotten some bad food (and activities) advice from my bridesmaids and always had good luck on CH.

        bigjeff, I'm looking for something a little more swanky than a burger place, but not pretentious as we're all going to be wearing blue wigs :)

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        1. re: FFP

          To be fair, I've been to Pastis only once, a several months ago. So I can't say that it's not possible to order disappointing food there, or assure you beyond the shadow of doubt that they couldn't have deteriorated in the interim.

          1. re: Pan

            Well, I went to Pastis as part of a party of two after midnight tonight. Their onion soup was just as good as before, and the chicken liver and foie gras mousse, which came with vinegary slightly caramelized red onions and frisee salad, was delicious. I also got a very nice cocktail with Calvados and elderberry liqueur, and he got an excellent Absinthe. I think this is a real quality place, and you're unlikely to go wrong by choosing it.

        2. Any suggestions in the Flatiron/Gramercy Park area?

          I also need these reccs ASAP, as the dinner is set for THIS saturday. HELP!!!!!

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          1. Try Pipa right in that area. You will fit in fine and the food is good for large groups

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            1. re: princeofpork

              They're all booked up for that night....looked really cool though!