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Mar 28, 2009 01:57 PM

Emeril's new show

I heard that Emeril is leaving the Food network and is going to the Planet Green channel. His show is called Eat Green. Does anyone know about this yet?

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  1. It's been commented on a couple times

    I like him better on the Planet Green show -- he tones down the delivery and is pretty good one on one with the guest person -- but I'm not a faithful watcher. I don't like the Whole Foods connection (they shop and cook in a WF store), which is strictly my personal prejudice; but I do like some of the stuff he does and the information he imparts.

    1. Emeril Green threads

      Personally I like the show as it seems to show the 'real' Emeril as opposed to the BAM guy I could never watch.

      1. I could never stomach Emeril Live. It made me want to knock out Emeril and throw spices at him yelling "BAM" while he was down. However, I do enjoy Emeril Green. It is kind of cheezy that they are in a WF store. Also, I have noticed that in every episode the camera lingers over appliance names, mainly the Fisker-Paykel range.

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          So funny since I did not like him live on the Food Network either. Maybe this was a good career move for him. I will have to watch a couple of times to see if it is a good show or not. Thanks!!!

        2. Emeril cooked fatty buttery oily food for so long that it finally got him. I'm sure he has some undisclosed health issues. So now he has gone green but he looks like a blimp which means big carbon footprint not counting his private jets

          1. He's been gone for awhile now. Going on a year or more. And his new show is pretty good. They pimp Whole Foods a lot, but he imparts some good information, he doesn't put on the BAM! act and he is quite personable. He basically helps individuals (or small groups who are together) to craft healthy meals for parties or dates. He's still got the chops as most of the dishes seem pretty tasty and worthwhile. I don't watch it faithfully, but if I notice it while channel surfing I'll watch.